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  1. World of Warcraft (+12240)
  2. Guild Wars (+3629)
  3. Lord of the Rings Online (+2188)
  4. Star Wars Galaxies (+1763)
  5. Diablo 2 (+1663)
  6. Everquest (+1589)
  7. Dark Age of Camelot (+1378)
  8. City of Heroes (+1371)
  9. Everquest 2 (+1355)
  10. Counterstrike (+1276)

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Frag Nation Raven Rose Pack Warhammer: Age of Reckoning World of Warcraft Bloodfin Death Knight Raiders Shattered Galaxies Deadlighters Vitae Rising Crai Aisling Untouchable Republic Killer KEAS KASE Achiever AKSE AKES AEKS KESA Explorer EKSA Socializer SKEA SAEK ESAK ESKA KAES EKAS ASEK EASK AESK ASKE EAKS KSEA KSAE SEAK SKAE Field Marshal SEKA Jack-of-all-Trades Quarterback Impresario Guru Quartermaster Spore Architect Maestro SAKE Captain Toymaker Raiding for Dumbies Knights of Nienna Bloodknights Diablo 2 fist full of camel Endure Clan FIST Age of Conan PWNSTARS Quake Everquest 2 Matrix Online Tempest Two Spirits Star Trek Online battlescar PAIN INFLICTORS Age of Empires II Starcraft 2 Black Rose Hyperborea The Priory of Akkadia ULGG Vector Lacheish Brotherhood Pirates of the Caribbean Anti-Sanctus Chaotica TMT Tabula Rasa Battlefield 2142 Earth and Beyond Oblivion wow scape Slayer Elites Guild Wars Raiders of the Night Wrong Trousers Lord of the Rings Online Star Wars Wushi Dungeons and Dragons Online Devourer Flashing Blade Warcraft III Counterstrike Gears Of War Carie Black Rose Society Hexed Archlord