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Old 01-27-2008, 11:51 AM
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1. As a guild leader how do you select and promote officers?

Officers are only necessary if they are really necessary. Don't promote people to positions where they can mess up your guild just because you feel pressured to do so.

2. Do you have clearly defined jobs for officers?

Of course. Why would you have random officers hanging around who could mess with your guild but have no real purpose? Being an officer is a priviledge, not a right.

3. Do your members vote on leadership?

Nope. I organise the guild, I work out what's going on and I decide who I can trust. Granted, I wouldn't promote someone that no-one in the guild got along with - then again, they wouldn't be in any of my guilds to begin with.

4. Do you sometimes bestow officer status on individuals to appease them on something? ('fess up now)

You have got to be kidding...

5. Have you had any bad experiences with officers?

Yep. Officers who got their rank through nepotism rather than ability. These people are always a nightmare and will continue to expect to have things handed to them on a silver plater whether they earned them or not.

6. What are your requirements for officer candidates?

They need to be people I trust totally. That is - I would happily give them the key to my house. Very, very few people fit that requirement. It also means I have very few dramas.

Why do I ask? Because at the request of my guild members, I am defining a path of advancement within my guild for people who want to step up.

See point 5. That is what you are begging for if you allow 'advancement' as part of your guild structure. The guild structure is there to help your guild members achieve their in-game goals - it shouldn't be something members aspire to for e-pen purposes.
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