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Old 05-09-2007, 10:20 PM
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WoW guild
New guild on the horde side of Kargath we're a group of RL friends that are looking for like minded people that don't HAVE to be the best or HAVE to be the first to do the "endgame" content.
In truth we did the raiding and put up with the constant bickering that goes along with raiding and raid guilds and got sick of it.
So we decided to head out on our own and do what we started playing the game for in the first place.... *GASP* TO HAVE FUN.
We also do alot of looking at the "new" content before jumping headfirst into trying to be the first to do it. by looking i don't mean strategy per say, but for those people that do care about the gear they have we know for a fact jumping into kara to get T4 isn't the best option for gear. (namely because PvP is so much more fun and rewarding )

Anyway i'll stop rambling now.

If you want to join a guild where the people are laid back and talk $h*t to each other (in a poking fun manner not to upset each other) drop me a line in-game on the Kargath server name is Chrystawnia.

oh ya one last note for ppl that actually try and don't see me online. It's called a mailbox for a reason
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