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Old 04-15-2007, 12:58 PM
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Group and Friend issues
As GuildCafe has grown to several thousand beta testers, we've uncovered some issues that have surfaced as a consequence of that growth. I wanted to post to let everyone know that we're aware of them, and working on a solution. I'd also welcome any feedback/input you have on them.

The basic issue has to do with a small number of members who have made a large number of "blind" friend invites, or have added you to a group they've created despite the fact that you don't know them.

1. On blind friend invites: the current thinking is to limit the number of friendship invitations you can send to GuildCafe members in a certain period of time, to discourage "friend flooding." The exception will be if you know the personal email of a friend you'd like to invite (in which case you must know them better). We'll adjust this limit upwards so that people with a higher Fame score (i.e., people with a greater investment/recognition in the community here) can invite more.

2. On group invites: the group system was designed more as an "access control" paradigm. That is, the creator of a group isn't inviting someone so much as they are offering access to their group. However, as currently implemented, a group that you have access to will list on your personal page on the "Groups" tab, and you'll also see forum posts from those groups included in your scan of new posts. Here's how we plan to address this:

a. We'll add a "group setting" page to each group, where you can configure whether you want that group included in "New Posts" scans, and whether you want the group listed on your personal page. We'll also include the option to remove yourself from the group if you like.

b. Along with (a), any group you are granted access to will default to not listing and not scanning new posts.

c. When you are first granted access to a group, you'll be given an alert when you login, to let you know you've been given access. At that time you can choose whether you'd like the group membership to be included on your personal page.

The idea is to continue to provide the versatility of allowing a group founder to grant access to anyone they like, but combine that with an opt-in for the individual member to decide whether they'd like to claim formal membership on their personal page.

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