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Conquest of Thrones-Best 3D Browser RPG game in 2011
It seems that no one posted detail info about Conquest of Thrones. Now there is a discussion on Conquest of Thrones about its Game Title: Phoenix Dynasty Online Genres: 2D, MMORPG, ...

Game Title: Conquest of Thrones
Genres: 3D, RPG, Fantasy
Developer: Gamewave, Inc.
Official Site:*http://cot.now2play.com/


With the background of a kingdom in chaos, player in Conquest of Thrones must serve his clan and bring peace to the kingdom on the brink of war. This free strategy role-play browser-based game enables player to explore his own destiny by conquering territory and strengthening his power. Aside from its awesome game play, Conquest of Thrones offers excellent 3D graphics, expansive game world, extensive character development and fantastic featured systems.

Gameplay Video:http://youtu.be/dg1x50ujZ4I


Skill Systems -- COT's Skill system adds depth to character development, and brings trade skills back to the forefront of RPG gaming. Players can fill any role in a group, by skillfully developing their specializations.
PVP system-- Combat system is the soul of Conquest of Thrones. There are three kinds of combat in this game: Solo Combat, Guild Combat and Arena, all of which are in based ways.
Attribute Scores -- Players can check the scores of various attributes and the comprehensive score in the evaluation system. The scores reflect the different strength levels of the players.
Costume Exchange -- Special Fantasy Shards are dropped by bosses in the level 50 instance Blackice Spire.
Achievement System-- Players with a grip on adventure can reap the rewards of these lucrative quests. Keeping up with daily challenge and working on achievements is a great way to build character!


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