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Old 06-24-2007, 10:35 AM
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C&C 3 Strats
You got strats for singleplayer, multiplayer, or mods? Post them here!

Nod Strats for C&C 3 version 1.5
Disclaimer, I am not a pro, these are just some strats that I found to work in some situations, dont go by mine exactly since they always balance and new strats that defeat the old strats fairly quickly.

The new tank spam:

Since the Scorps have gone to crap in this recent patch of the game I have found that instead of Scorp tanks to head up the tech tree and go for the Flame Tank and the Stealth Tank, both have fairly weak armor so you would have to have large groups of them. If able to get the build order for the flame tank in about under 5 min you should be able to get at least 4 by a 7 min mark and swarm in.

Heres an effective build order I use:
2 Refinerys
1 power plant
2 warfactories to quickly get them out
1 opperations center

That gets you to both the flame tanks and stealth, if you have enough resources try to get another refinery to keep up your economy to keep producing and incase you cant get them and have to go to the midgame stage where you will definally need air and ground units. Never just rely on tanks during midgame to late game, have both air units and ground units backing them up.

The Rocketeers:
A great thing about the new update though, the rocketeers for both GDI and NOD are way more effective with longer distances. This gives great strategy for both rushing and later game. I will be talking about midgame here

Once you get a decent base with some units and tanks start to make about 10 rocketeers and about 5 tanks of your choice, if using nod I would use the Scorps with the upgraded armor at least to help defend them. After this send those out to the enemy base to start laying pressure and make sure to keep pumping them out, especially on small maps with buildings since they have a longer range they can take buildings out at an easier rate. If you are keeping pressure on them they will try to make ground defences and wont be ready for more powerful units such as more tanks or if you can air units. Keep up your economy and you will win.

Thats all I really have right now since its 3am and I dont want to think anymore, post strats for all three sides to help both n00bs and pros alikel.

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Old 06-25-2007, 08:10 PM
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If I'm playing 1v1 as Nod...

- Refinery/Emisary simultaneously
- Power Plant
- Barracks (x 2)
- Comms center
- Power Plant
- Secret Shrine (start shadow team x 10[5 at each racks])
- Power Plant
- War Factory (harvester x 2)
- Anti-infantry base defense (x 1) near CY
- Refinery at emisary

And at that point it just sort of goes whatever way is needed if the game is still going. The shadow teams should be pumped out fast and sent to nail the enemy CY and war factories asap. This should take no longer than 4-5 mins.
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