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Old 02-02-2007, 10:18 PM
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Projector questions!
Hey there,

I've been thinking, (as my monitor begins to dim) that I may just buy a projector as its replacement instead of a new monitor.

But, I've had a few questions forever.

First, native resolution. Projectors all have native resolutions, just like laptops. With laptops, anything other than native resolution is interpolated and the result is ugly. thus a native 1024x768 @ 800x600 looks awful. How does this work with a projector? say I had a native 800x600 projector and a 1024x768 laptop. Would the image be garbage?

So, I play almost all my games at 1152x864. If I projected that with a 1024x768...what exactly would happen? If a projector can't project pixels, how does the interpolation work?

Second--what I understand of resolution as pixels --1024x768 is 1024 pixels by 768 pixels, on a fixed width screen the spacing between the pixels doesn't change, but one can adjust a projector display to be anywhere from what 60-300 inches or so--does this mean that at 60 inches the picture will be most clear and at 300 inches the picture will appear to be less clear? But further, a projector is projecting light --and a change in width will result in a change of, what point-radii?

Basically I just want to make sure a projector can project a 1152x864 really nicely. Anyone out there with experience?

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