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iPad tower defense game - 《Pacific War HD》christmas version - screenshots
download at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/devi...569807672?mt=8

“Devils at the Gate: Pacific War” is a tower defense game based on World War II theme. The game is inspired by the history of Pacific War and close to the real world. This game is a sequel to Devils at the Gate: Total Resistance, it is also designed at an inclined angle of 45 degrees using a variety of game modes for different players to select from. Cute painting style, witty sound effect and majestic scene form a splendid chapter of pacific battle. New skill system plus talent tree upgrade system will bring player a new sense of the game. Hero system upgraded by hero tower enhances its combat power. Unlocking new skills can enrich the game entertaining and interactivity.


-Perspective effect in the first series

-Witty characters in the first series

-The blind passages on the map increase the level of the challenge. The devils will head off the danger unless they defense in advance.

-The arms can be upgraded in the defensive tower upgrade system. They can also change their jobs after upgrade.

-The skill system bestows every soldier a unique professional skill. Applying the skills in combination will achieve a novel outcome.

-You can conduct a powerful hero tower which is also a teleport-ower with special skills to defense. The upgraded tower can improve its attributes and unlocking skills. You can also purchase weapons for the heroes.

-You will be judged by the rest of the life value after you passed the level, which will affect the amount of the medals. Learning the talent consumes medals but it can add special skills such as unlocking, intensifying arms and skills and so on.
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