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Old 01-28-2013, 01:16 AM
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Exclamation About some issues..+ suggestions
well i dont know if here is such thread about these problems, anyway2 much threads2 read so i suggest u guys2 clean it up xd

1st about bug at guild site.. when i try2 make a thread at my forum i see "cutted" buttons below so that i need to shoot? and make sure its the right one.. not only but also at roster i see cutted buttons. It looks so weird guys pls fix that ..

2nd about lv at roster its 0 and it stays 0.. maybe u should remove it idk cuz in comments u can write ur lv so think not rly necessary or change options2 be more stable and useful.

3rd about problem with nicknames with _ looks like still have not been solved, many of my members ingame have char names with _ and they're gettin angry cuz they can not use it while registerin2 ur site ..

4th is problem with addin a picture, there are2 many useless options.. just fine would be select image from computer, apperance settings and simply upload it.. by URL when i try2 type the image its not showin.

5th same with vids from youtube when i add it i see only big white square ..

6th about sigs at management i rly dunno4 what is that.. but anyway suppose aint workin cuz i selected it and that signature is not showin.

im not sure but such low and bad options have these with free accounts here? cuz then i do not rly understand ..
waitin4 answer. hopefully soon..
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