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Aden January Events

Happy New Year !!!

Greetings Dear Gamers,

Supreme Destiny Wishes To All Its Players a Happy New Year and to have more fun.

Ultimate Stand!!

It is time for mighty Adenians to bring it on and stand in front of other mighty warriors in an outstanding fight.

When: January 2013 Monday and Thursday 20:00 hrs Game Time
Mortal Division: unicorn spirit
God Division: God Weapon Ancient Stateless +9
Celestial Gods: God weapon perfect stats 28 MAP /63 DMG +9

Where Am I Hunting!!

It is an event for Adenians with experience in hunting and looking for items and who know the map very well.

When: January 2013
Shout winner: 150 Million Silver Coin
Civil winner: 50 Million Silver Coin

Lightning Strikes!!

It is time for All Guild Leaders to fight each other for the glory of their Guild.

When: January 2013
- +1 upgrade of an item/Mount of his choice
- 250 Guild Fame
Consolation rewards: 100 Million gold

Mortals Heat!!

Due to the player's demands, our biggest event is now on, Come and Fight in the Arena and get your God Pack to advance to the God's World.

When: January 2013
Rewards:God Pack

Who is the TOP?

Mighty celestials ready yourselves for a hard fight against strong opponents.
When: January 2013
Rewards: The Top winner can choose to get 1 of the following:
- Spirit stone with option
- Ideal Stone
- 10A Scrolls

Nature Bless Event!!

Are you tired of failing during making ancients? Do you wish to pass imbue on your armor? Here is your chance.

When: January 2013
Rewards: Successful upgrades
Gone In 10 Seconds!!

Adenians get ready for an amazing drop rate of random time in 10 seconds.

When: January 2013

Newbie Battle

Start as a new player and shine in the arena of justice, get experience, gold and become a pro mortal champion.

When: Every Friday 19:00 hrs Game Time
Level 1 - 100: 100 Million Exp points + 20 Million gold
Level 101 - 200: 200 Million Exp points + 20 Million gold
Level 201 - 300: 300 Million Exp points + 20 Million gold
Level 301 - 399: 400 Million Exp points + 20 Million gold

Level 1 - 100: 20 Million gold
Level 101 - 200: 30 Million gold
Level 201 - 300: 40 Million gold
Level 301 - 399: 50 Million gold

Kephra Sealing

We give you the chance to seal the "Kephra" to gain the blessing of the King.

When: Weekly after routine server maintenance at 22:00 hrs Game Time
Mortals: 10 Million gold for each player joining till the end.
Gods: 15 Million gold for each player joining till the end.
Celestial Gods: 25 Million gold for each player joining till the end.
The Player who gives the final blow to Kephra, Can Exchange Darkness Jewel and Moon Stone for 50 Million gold each with the GM.

Weekend Bonus Drop Rate Event!!

Enjoy the Hunt with the blessing of Supreme Destiny and gain marvellous treasures during the Bonus Drop Rate Event.

Event Period:

Starts: Saturday 00:00 hrs Game Time
Ends: Monday 00:00 hrs Game Time

Level Up Events!

Gods and Celestial Gods achieving these levels during the month of January can get rewards by sending a QnA and Screen Shot proofing his level.

Level 300, 385, 400: 2 Nightmare M party scrolls OR 5 Nightmare M personal scrolls
Level 355, 370: 15 Laktorerium Powders

Celestial Characters:
Level 40: 10 Warrior seals
Level 90: 30 Warrior seals
Level 120: 10 Warrior seals
Level 180: 30 Warrior seals

Soul Characters:
Level 40: 10 Warrior seals
Level 90: 30 Warrior seals
Level 120: 10 Warrior seals
Level 180: 30 Warrior seals

Treasure Box Event!

Hunt monsters in Supreme Destiny, grab the Treasure Boxes and exchange them to gain the Premium items at the Gold Dragon in Armia.

When: Every Saturday and Sunday at 18:00 hrs Game Time.

Vibrant Promotion Event!

Get more value on your purchase of Vibrant Money this month! Purchase small amount of Vibrant Money and grab additional benefits!

Additional Events

Hide and Seek, Locust, Flash Level up, Quiz, Trace the GM, Pig Race and many more exciting events! For more details go through our notice section and forums!

Note: Please check notice/forum section for more details about each event.

Stay with us for endless adventure and have great fun at all our events!

Best regards,
Vibrant Games


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