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Old 10-10-2012, 10:43 PM
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Multiple entries for the same game on the same system!? >_<
Apologies if this has already been suggested, but is there ever going to be a database filter that either groups together same titles, or suggests an already existing title when somebody goes to make a custom entry?

As an example, when I search "Back to the Future" TellTale PC Game to add to my GamerDNA, there's at least 3 different listings per each title; and I've also noticed this with several other game titles. Which could bring up future issues where two people could have the same game in common (should you ever want to make an advanced "friend finding" system or something) and not have it be found/recognized since I might have "Back to the Future: The Game - Episode 1" in my GamerDNA, while Joe Shmoe has "Back to the Future - Ep 1: It's About Time" in their GamerDNA. Just seems a bit redundant having multiple entries for the same title, and gives users extra work having to add duplicate titles, while bloating their game libraries, just to cover all bases in their GamerDNA.
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