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DoLC is recruiting for PS3 and Xbox360
About Dominators of Liberty City

We are a community of mature gamers, who enjoy GTA series. We welcome any gamers who enjoy roleplaying within "real-life" situations. We encourage our citizens to obtain jobs, open a business, become a police officer, emt, firefighter or LBI (Liberty Bureau of Investigations) Agent. If applying for police, emt, firefighter or "agent" remember there will be a training academy you will need to go through to graduate and rank up from. Your chief will be the one who explains all that to you. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. through the site.


Criminal Rules

Do not disconnect to avoid jail time
Since we are RPing when something happens like tased or hit over head please do not start running, we ask you to just rp the situation out correctly.
If wanted and you die, you will still be wanted.
No stealing or raiding peoples property unless it is a gang war or you are a criminal.
Please report anything you witness that shouldn't be taking place
No stealing any emergency vehicles.

Civilian Rules

Civilians must drive the vehicle they registered, if you are pulled over in a car you donít own, you will be arrested.
No killing sprees
Do NOT steal law enforcement vehicles or weapons.
No arguing with cops, if you have a problem with one please message the police chief or call him in game chat.
Must wait 10 minutes after a police pursuit before having another one.
No fighting AIís.

Check us out at http://dominators.enjin.com
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