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Old 01-11-2007, 05:31 PM
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DarkChivalry looking for new blood!!!
House of DarkChivalry.

Our core members consist of veteran soldiers that have fought together for many years, through hundreds of battles across many lands. We have formed a fellowship, a loyalty to one another not broken by even the strongest magic or the strongest most fierce army. To join our ranks is simple, just ask. In order to stay in our ranks though it will require a lot more. It will require loyalty, discipline, honor and respect. It will require a commitment to the success of the guild/legion/clan. Our forces are currently in multiple worlds fighting battles against numerous enemies. We would like to send you an invitation to sign up and begin training.

If you would like to join our ranks please first stop by our forums
Register and make a post in the appropriate forum. We have forces currently in Vanguard (Beta, training for retail) , 9Dragons and RF Online. We will be preparing for the upcoming battle of Warhammer over the next six months(hopefully a number of our members will be invited into the closed beta). Also a few members are excited about the new adventure of Pirates of the burning sea.

Lord Daxion
9 Year C'rintrin Council Member
DarkChivalry Forums

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