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Fallout 3 Fan fiction: Leon's Odyssey: Chapter one: Out of the vault, Part 1
A faze comes upon his vision as a woman starts telling him to get up. He ignores her and yells for her to go away for a while till she leaves and then he gets up ten minutes later. "Today is no time for some craziness from that Amata girl. Today is my first day off repairing the vault technical systems. Thank Vault-Boy, hah-hah" he says to himself.

Leon got up out of his bed with a grimace, thinking about tomorrow and having to work. Its not that he did not like the job, he loved to fix computers and the like, but the vault was so darn dull, he would do anything to liven the place up. When he was a kid he would hunt rad-roaches, hang with the Tunnel Snakes, and search the vault for things, including the time he found a room with a BB gun which he still has hidden in his drawer. As soon as he got a job there was little time for anything.

He walked over to his desk where he had a few Nuka-Colas, but as soon as he got near it one of the security guards came in and shot him in the leg, with a smirk and a "There you are!" Leon had a pained expression as he limped toward his desk. The guard was aiming for his head but was slow on the trigger and gave Leon the chance to take his BB gun and shoot the guards eye out, then grabbed his baseball bat and finished him right as Amata came in. She said "I told you! I told you about this!" Leon took a stimpack to his leg and rolled his eyes when she started talking. "What are you talking about Amata?" she replied "Your Dad, he left and now the vaults gone crazy!" Leon actually looked shocked, and processed the information.

His Dad was not his favorite person, who left him to a stranger in the vault named Beatrice, and was a paranoid shut-in. The only time Leon ever saw him was when he was sick and even then, Jonas was usually his doctor. Now he had left, and for this first time, actually cared for a second. But that left as soon as he realized that because of him now everyone would be attacking him, trying to kill him.

Amata seemed to break him of his contemplation of the situation by handing him a loaded 9mm and enough bullets to take down Andy. Amata said "Go before the others find you! and watch out for rad-roaches!" Leon once again ignored her, but took the pistol. It was going to be a long day, and he really, really was going to enjoy it.
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