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Old 09-20-2011, 05:01 PM
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PS3 COD Clan vs Clan
I don't tend to post on public forums but I am the leader of a Clan of above average Cod Gamers on PS3 and as a training excercise I would like to have some casual Clan vs Clan games that can be mutually beneficial for both.

We are looking for a Clan that is friendly and are willing to have a bit of fun while also pushing our abilities, do you think you and your boys and girls are up to the challenge?

Reply here or send me a message and we'll set dates up once I have spoken with my members to find out when they would be available and if they will be able to make the days your ladies and gents will also be available.

Looking forward to the games that will ensue. We will accept multiple challenges, just bear in mind this will be a casual match and not count towards any ladder or tournament.

Thank you.
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