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Old 06-29-2011, 05:08 PM
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Skyrim DLC and Modding Community
Todd Howard, game director at Bethesda, has explained his plans for future DLC releases for the long awaited RPG Skyrim. In an interview with AusGamers Todd described how he believed the DLC for past games like Fallout 3 were too unorganized and short but in Skyrim he would like the DLC to be to a large scale and almost like expansions.

"We would like to do DLC; we donít have any specific plans yet, but theyíve been really successful and we like making them. So right now I can say that weíd like to do less DLC but bigger ones -- you know, more substantial. The Fallout 3 pace that we did was very chaotic. We did a lot of them -- we had two overlapping groups -- and we donít know what weíre going to make yet, but weíd like them to be closer to an expansion pack feel."

Although Bethesda does seem on track with what the want out of DLC, they still have no clue as to what the first "expansion" would contain. Right now they are just focusing on getting that game out on time.

In the interview Todd also talked about the Elder Scrolls strong modding community and how that they were to be fully supported with a dev kit just like in Morrowind and Oblivion. He also mentioned how he borrowed some elements of gameplay from Oblivion mods and put the ones into Skyrim that just made sense for gameplay reasons, like bows being more powerful but take longer to pull back.

It was also asked if fan made mods would be supported for console user and Todd replied by saying-

"The good news is that those things have started to happen with games like Forza 3 and sharing all your car stuff or Rock Bandís a really good example, where you can make your own tracks where youíre authoring them somewhere else then youíre uploading them to the 360. There are still a lot of issues to solve with... because these arenít instances like a song or a car you know, you could download a mod that destroys your game and we canít have that. So weíre still... we have not solved -- even on paper yet -- how to handle security; how do we handle not messing up your saved games and things like that. So itís not going to be solved for the gameís release, but itís something that weíre going to continue to look at because we think that itís an awesome part of the game that the majority of our audience isnít seeing."

It seems that Todd is definitely looking for a good way to support mods on consoles but as will there be that support on the games release? I guess we will have to wait till 11/11/11 to know for sure.
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Old 10-08-2011, 06:05 AM
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Well ,this sounds great!
I am looking forward to Skyrim, and have since well, over a year ago now that it was first mentioned and have played countless hours on Oblivion and Morrowind and arena back in the day and everything, I just can't wait to see what seems like it will be a combination of all fo the past games elements into one enhanced game play experience. It looks huge and very pretty and I just can't wait to run around for the first hour of the game just looking at everything and going, " wow this is so pretty, OMG look at those clouds and that tree and those rocks... oooh a waterfall". I am extremely excited after hearing about the modding community support for PC users because I originally bought Oblivion for xbox and wanted to mod it so bad after playing over 200 hours of un modded fun and exploration which is why i bought it on steam last year, so i could just mess around with all the insane mods and ridiculousness and I can't wait to do the same with this game and I hope they do get to the point of linking the modding community with the xbox successfully and safely of course!
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