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OMGZ! The Liberty City Regional Police
The Liberty City Regional Police is looking for members like you!

The Liberty City Regional Police (LCRP) is a police roleplaying clan for Grand Theft Auto IV for the XBOX 360. We patrol Liberty City's streets to bust crooks, perform traffic stops, pursuits, drug busts, hostage situations, shootouts and so much more.

We have 4 departments.
  • The Police Department - These are the general police force. They are the officers involved in pursuits, traffic stops and so much more.
  • S.W.A.T - These are the guys with the big guns. They deal with Hostage situations, shootouts, and help Marshals in high risk breaches.
  • LC Marshals - These are the guys that perform most high risk warrants from search, to arrest. Marshals also transport high risk suspects.
  • LC Coastguard - These are the only people allowed to be out at sea that is on the law enforcement side. They got to perform traffic stops, pursuits, shootouts and more... WHILE AT SEA!.

We have patrols every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and during the pre-game (lobby) you chose to be either a cop or crook, both play realistically.

Here is a youtube video of our clan

You can visit our website by clicking here!
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