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Old 10-04-2011, 05:39 PM
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Lightbulb The Rebirth of the Roleplaying MU*
Over the past year, it seems like RP MU*s have had a surprisingly large resurgence. A World of Darkness game, The Reach, went live only this spring and already has 120 people a night. Adult and furry MU*'s are regularly packing over five hundred people on a night. Heck, even the game I'm on, OtherSpace (an original-theme sci-fi place which can't even benefit from theme nostalgia or the movie remake of the week), was at around 20 people a night this time last year, and now often tops 110.

Why is this? I think there's several reasons.

First, I believe it's because people are finally realizing that MMO designers are never going to cater to the roleplaying crowd. It's been ten years since MMOs started to explode, and after all that time the best we can get is limited crafting, a little toon customization, guilds, and dance emotes. As a roleplayer, I find that insulting, and I believe many other people are coming around to my view. RP MU*s are (and have been) bending over backwards to enhance people's roleplaying experience.

Second, technology. While it isn't yet feasible to play an MMO on a smart phone or iPad, there are good apps for playing MU*s on these devices, found in the links above. You are now able to rp on the bus, while on lunch, during a boring class, or just whenever you feel like it.

Last, there certainly is an element of fond memories and nostalgia, as 20- and 30-somethings remember their MU* experiences in high school and college and want to try it again. Even those who grew up solely on hack-and-slash muds and get that nostalgia feeling have found their tastes have matured more into crafting- and roleplaying-centric MU*s.

Have you noticed this trend? What do you attribute it to?
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