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Old 01-19-2010, 11:02 AM
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Under Construction Grand Theft Auto Police Clan
G'day All
LCHP are a multi gaming unit that offers realism, and active game play. We have been around for years but we recently split up and died. We are based in Australia but will accept everyone and anyone from all over the world. We have recently reformed and are actively looking to refill our ranks. We try and keep it as realistic as possible as the codes we have are police codes, structure and chain of command.

What we have to offer:

* Easy to use website

* Fun Members

* A ranking structure that mirrors the Police Department

What We Are Looking For:

* Someone With A Capture Card To Film Or Take Screen Shots.

* Experienced In Websites

Our Requirements:

* Minimum age is 16 we will accept people lower then the age limit if mature

* Must have a working microphone!!

* Must Be Active On The Forums

* Must Be Active And Helpful Within The Clan

* Must be willing to take orders and follow the chain of command

* Must be mature and able to have a good time

Thank You For Your Time
So Come Join And Keep Liberty City Safe Today

Chief Of Police:
zT x Hostility


Contact Information:
Xbox 360: zT x Hostility
email: beno132@hotmail.com
Website: www.libertycity-police.webs.com
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Old 02-02-2010, 06:51 AM
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Good news one and all Liberty City highway Patrol is coming back and in force. We recently stopped what we where doing to discuss what was going to happen in the future For LCHP and with that we have returned We are going on a Mass Recruitment so we are looking for any1 16+ Or can show they are mature.

We have done afew new things to the site and still looking for some1 that could design and film so with that i welcome one and all.

Regards: zT x Hostility
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Old 02-05-2010, 07:22 AM
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zT-x-Hostility has much to be proud of
Here is some new game modes that Liberty City Highway Patrol has come up with some new things if you's like these then come and join =))

Game Mode LIFE
*|*|* Still On A Trial *|*|*

This brand new game mode consisting of people and real life roles such as police, Ambulance, Fire Fighters and many more other roles that you could play. Now what you would do is get players that want to play a certain role and then they would go about normally around the streets or building. Now as always there will be bad things going on such as crooks killing, robbing and more. Now for instance there will be roles that people have to fulfill here some examples

1. Taxi Driver: There Role is to get people around the city to there location but must follow the road rules or they can get pulled over for breaking the rules

2. Bus Driver: There role is the same as a Taxi Driver but MUST stop at the bus stops to pick up players and go to there destination

3. Police: Must patrol the streets and watch out for law breakers and must follow the road rules and use codes

4. Shop keepers Or bankers must as usual do normal hours as a real person would do if it and if a player comes in and wants something you must try and help them

This is Like a simulation of real life and try and keep it at realistic as possible so please play right and listen Thanks

*|*|* Still On A Trial *|*|*

This Awesome Game mode consisting of Police, Crooks and Mayor. Idea for this is to keep the mayor from dying and the cops MUST keep the mayor alive. If they fail at this then the cops will lose and the crooks will win. Now we will try and keep this as realistic as possible so that means no going crazy with a rockets. Rules and Examples:


No Rockets, Sticky Bombs, Grenades, Grenade Launcher.

The idea of this is there is 6-7 Cops and 2-3 crooks and 1 mayor.
Now The mayor will be in the back of a SUV while the cop convoy will be in front and behind so it will be

2 bikes in front with 1 squad car behind
Mayor in the middle
1 squad care behind with 2 police bikes behind.

Now there will be a set location of where this the even will be help once this has been done the crooks must set up either an ambush, Assassination or anything of that sort to KILL the mayor. Once you die you cannot come back to help you then have to sit and watch.

Please listen and help out.

Dons At War
*|*|* Still On A Trial *|*|*

This is a brand new idea and im not 100% sure how this will go and i still haven't tried this yet. Now the idea is that that there is 2 mafias but only one island it'll be set in TDM Or Free mode.

So they have to get rid of the other mafia group now of course they'll have their shops, buildings and cars. There will be a boundary of the map where the other mafia should go. Now in order for YOUR mafia group to win you MUST kill The opposing mafia leader.

Now you have to sneak across into their territory and slowly take out their buildings once there buildings have been taken then your able to kill their leader. If a player is in the building as it is getting taken over he must be killed and once he spawns he has to go to the mafia bosses building to protect them. here is some things you must do in order to win

* Kill And Take The Shops They Own BUT they can get taken over so Guard them well

* Kill There Leader But Sneakily don't just go in there guns blazing

* Mafia Leaders Will Choose Which Cars You Can Roll In And Color Of Vehicles

* Mafia Leader Can Shoot BUT must stay in the building that has been given if he is moved he MUST tell someone from the other team where they will be going.

This has NOT been tested so i do not know how this will go so please be patient

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