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Thumbs up Heroes of Gaia (Tips, Tricks and Review)
Heroes of Gaia (Tips, Tricks and Review)

The name doesn’t attract much attention on me the first time I heard and saw it on the net but when I saw a review about it, the very mentioned of “Heroes and Might and Magic” itself was enough to coaxed me up excitedly. The truth is, I was looking for Heroes of Might and Magic or Jagged Alliance Game in the internet to download it, to play it offline but what d’ya know! I stumbled on the Online Game instead!

What a coincidence, what a fate! It didn’t take me much to call up my hard core gamer buddies to try and play it ASAP because what interest me, interest them. If you’re a Hard Core Gamer, you know definitely Heroes and Might and Magic is a nice game to play! As the saying goes, “The same feathers flock together” or “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are!”

Alright, what exactly is Heroes of Gaia Online? Heroes of Gaia is an Online Browser Game of Heroes of Might and Magic in the PC game. For those of you who haven’t heard or known about Heroes of Might and Magic, it is an excellent PC game which you control Heroes to battle monsters, eliminate rival races, take control of resources structures, conquer castles and races and dominate the land. It’s like “Final Fantasy Tactics” or “Dynasty Warrior Tactics” where a Hero has units to control and battle it out on the field.

Note: There are certain modifications from Heroes of Might and Magic PC Game to the Heroes of Gaia browser game, such as the Turn Base Actions being eliminated and change to Time Base, better graphics and hero movements are change to action points.

Here are the Screen Shots!

The Battle

You can choose to fight the battle manually or automatic. If you choose to control fight the battle, you will be taken to the battle field as you can see in the Screen Shot. You can manually move your units around, order them to attack, standby or use magic spells that your hero has learned. For this battle, there is no opposing hero and there are only monster units to fight but if you fight with another player, like occupying/invading his resources or buildings, the hero of your opponent will be displayed on the other corner and depending on the level and stats, each unit you and he controls will have those attributes from each of your heroes.

Make sure to allocate your units properly like putting the long range at the back row and the melee units at the front row. In this way, you can win without casualties by letting your range units kill enemy units and your melee units, put on standby to protect your range units.

The Fortress

At the start of the Game, you are asked to select a race. Once you select your race, you will be taken to your Castle. At the start, you don’t have many buildings yet, you need to build buildings to improve your castle, resources production, create troops, etc. For this Screen Shot, this is a Castle for the Human Race. You can build Town Hall, Barracks, Magic Tower, Hero Tower, Tavern, Bazaar, Arena, Market Place, Stable and Embassy. Other building has prerequisite buildings to build before you can build them.

Town Hall enables you to build other buildings.

Barracks enables you to produce troops and build tower defense and parapets for your castle.

Hero Tower is a house for your heroes which is a prerequisite building to build a tavern.

Tavern enables you to hire a Hero. The higher the level of your Tavern, the better Heroes you can hire.

Bazaar enables you to buy items for your hero. The higher the level, the higher item levels you can buy and rare, unique items in your Bazaar.

Magic Tower enables you to research skills and magic for your hero and castle. The higher the level, the more skills and magic that you can research.

Embassy enables you to make alliance/diplomacy to other players.

Arena enables you to heal your wounded units.

Market Place enables you to trade, sell and buy resources with other players.

Stable enables you to produce mounted troops.

This is the inside of your Castle and as you can see it, to your lower left, the Chat window is located. You can make it transparent and elongated vertically to see more chat messages. You can choose to chat Globally, To Guild Mates only or Private Messages. On your lower right, you can see your Heroes, Player Status and Units. If you click your Hero, you will be taken up to your Hero equipment window and for units, the allocation of units to your hero and castle.

The World Map

This is what your (rather my castle) looks on the outside or world map! Here, you can click resources to occupy, fight NPC monster, treasure, conquer other castles, etc. There are 5 resources on this game. Lumber, Ore, Sulfur, Crystal and Gold, so there are 5 building resources according to its kind. You need to occupy these building resources to max out your resources output. There is a limit to how many you can occupy building resources, depending on your fame. There are also many different shrines on the world map where your hero can visit each day. Example of this are Water Mill which gives 2000 gold. Maximum of 1 visit per day and the Wind Mill which gives you random resources except gold. Other shrine increases your Heroes attack, defense or Intelligence depending on what kind of shrine you are visiting.

Visit these shrines everyday to gain advantage in resources, gold and temporary stats enhancements.

The Hero

This is the Heroes profile where you can allocate stat points and equipped your Hero with items and Skills. You can enter it by double clicking your Heroes portrait inside the Castle. You can hunt your items by going to the World Map and battle out Treasure Guardians, be careful though! Some of the guardians are very strong. You can find out how strong a Treasure Guardian is by their star level. The more star there is, the stronger the guardian is or you can buy Hero items in your Bazaar. The higher the level of your Bazaar, the rarer the items you can buy.

Let your Hero visit School of War Shrine and Tower of Defense before you hunt items. It will give you enhance attack and defense for 2 hours.

The Skills

Here is the skills allocation window, you can choose from your researched skills in the Magic Tower and allocate them to your hero. You need to research skills first on your Magic Tower building before you can allocate skills to your Hero. Choose a Skill wisely to research and upgrade. It takes a lot of time to research a skill and upgrade them and also lots of requirements.

There are two ways for you to prosper and get stronger. It is either you choose the Diplomatic course or Aggressive course. If you choose the Diplomatic course then choose the skills that enhances your resources output, in this way, you can prosper and get stronger fast peacefully. But if you choose the Aggressive course, choose the skills that enhances your fighting/battle capability. You get your resources through battles and conquering building resources. Don’t choose both! It will slow you down! You have to choose either way!

Hero Traveling on World Map

Here, you can see your hero traveling on the world map. You can click your Hero to Cancel traveling or Go back to your Castle. Upon clicking your hero, you can see the units allocated to your Hero on the lower right of the screen. You can also click Search on the upper right of screen near the MAP to quick search a particular NPC monster, resources buildings, items and resources. The strength of the monsters guarding them depends on the Star level. The more stars there is, the stronger the monster are and also it varies by the color. Red is a warning that the monsters are impossible strong! You can also see the units of that NPC monster before you attack it so it helps you a lot to judge if you are strong enough to beat the NPC monsters.

Recruiting a lot of Heroes helps you prosper fast and gives you flexibility in item hunting, taking resources and battle and defending your castle. Don’t concentrate in 1 – 2 Heroes alone! You will have a hard time later on since you need your Hero to defend if you get into war with a player or a guild and you won’t have mobility because your Hero needs to stay at your castle to defend. Also, if you conquer another castle, you need a Hero to defend it or other will take it away from you.

The Units!

You can allocate units to your hero to fight battles. You can allocate them on Heroes or put them in your castle for defense. You can also arrange the allocation of your units. Putting the range units at the back row and putting the melee in the front row ensures probability of winning battles and minimizing casualties. You can allocate units to your heroes and to your Castle parapets for defense.

The Factions

There are 2 Factions in HoG, either you are a Unionist or a Separist. At the start, you are to choose one of these. Having Factions may mean a Faction War in the Future.



Personal Review Ratings/Max 10

Battle = 7
I really like the battle outline because you can control the units and formed your own strategy and tactics in fighting. It’s tactical and you need to consider all aspects of each units and heroes stats, abilities, items and weapons, magic, movement speed/reach of each unit, damage calculation and so forth. It’s like commanding a real battle and you’re the General who orders the battle formation. It’s not perfect but at the rate out of 10, I put 7 on it! ^_^

Graphics = 7
Although, graphics can take your breath away and awed you, I don’t really give it particular attention. What makes a good game is not the graphics itself but the graphics is a bonus points to a good game. For this game, the graphics are ok and more than the average graphics out there. I really like how the graphics looks like in this game because it reminds me of those “Magic Cards” I’m playing such as “Magic The Gathering” Playing Cards.

Role Play = 8
The Role Play is awesome! As I’ve save on the battle ratings, it makes you feel that you are in the battlefield commanding over your units to fight a war. Not to mention the essential role play of being a King to govern your castle, how you carefully plan your way up to conquer all over other players as the great King like “Alexander the Great.”

Tactics = 10
I rate it 10 because I really like tactical games where you can play all the pieces/units like a chess board. You can create tactical maneuvers and combos. Even if your outnumbered, your being a strategist makes a difference between victory and defeat!

Friendly User Interface = 7
The game is very easy to play and understand! The interface is very friendly and very adaptable.

Internet Connectivity = 8
It has very good connection because it’s a browser game. For me particularly who has an average internet connection, I am thankful with its good internet connectivity because mostly, I am lagging on Online RPG 3D games due to my slow internet connection but with Heroes of Gaia, there is no problem but sometimes, my internet get so slowed that I will only have 1 bar of server signal of the game and I can’t see the graphics of the game anymore. But that fault is my internet.

System Requirements = 10
As for system requirements, it’s a 10! I bet, almost all, whatever their PC specs might be can play this game!

Customer Support = 8
Their website is easily accessible and although, I didn’t encounter problems with the game itself yet but their Customer Support is really fast. They answer your questions fast if you write them in the forums and do their job accordingly.

Game Events = 8
Well, for game events, they definitely put an effort to it! I see them every day and it’s cool with cool prizes. ^_^ Participate in their game events to win many prizes and cash points!

Community = 6
I’m not really active on the game’s community at the moment as I’m concentrating on strengthening my castle and leveling my heroes but judging on the chat windows and the interactivity of the players, a rating of 6 in the community interactions between players, admins and newbies asking for help in the chat window.

PvP = 6Same with battle mode except there is an opposing enemy hero. PvP has tiers depending on your Hero level. I rate it 6 because it's a tactical PvP not the skilled base type which I like the most.

Guild War = I am not able to enter guild war yet… Might edit this later….

Mother Link/Official Main Site Link http://www.webmmo.com

Official Game Site Link: http://hog.webmmo.com/login.php

My Referral Link: http://www.webmmo.com/register.php?ref=470977

My IGN: ProGamer2010
Server: Reha

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