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Old 08-31-2009, 07:03 PM
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Language in alliance chat
Ok world, here's something I need help with. I'm an alliance leader, & my alliance seems to constantly struggle with the issue of language on alliance chat. We have some young members, 15 and possibly younger, so i don't feel an anything goes approach is appropriate.

I don't mind the occasional cuss word or even an amusing double entandre (prolly spelled that wrong).

In our alliance we have some people that get offended by a single cuss word, wich i don't think is ok. But on the other end of the spectrum we seem to have people that feel oppressed if they are not allowed to cuss on AC. They seem to need an audiance. These same people also seem to have a need to become aggressive & increasingly crude, if told to stop cussing on alliance chat.

How do I strike a balance between these two groups? It continues to be an issue, and I don't want to be oppressive, I cuss on occasion myself.This has recently caused me to kick a guild out of our alliance because they where attacking people that asked them not to cuss & saying hurtful things, basically griefing with language.

Any help would be great.

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Old 09-01-2009, 03:36 PM
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In this situation you have to compromise and mediate. Guess there's nothing more you can do. For example (I don't know GuildWars btw) you could create 2 chat-channels for the guild, in one of which it's allowed. Or punish and eventually throw out the most extreme members of !BOTH! sides if they don't see each others point to some degree.

It's all about emphasis in this case, every extreme for the other. And you have to mediate between the two, to find some sort of compromise or non at all (see up there :P)

Everything else depends on technical limitations in Guild Wars which i don't know :P
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Old 09-01-2009, 04:55 PM
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Yeah I think N3rd has it right separate channels seems to be the way to go if you can otherwise warnings and kicking is required.
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Old 09-07-2009, 02:12 AM
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HmmÖ an interesting topic!

Iím not exactly sure how alliances work in Guild Wars (Iím a WOWer) but in my experience, it is always best to set up policy and procedures for the usage of guild (alliance) communication tools before setting people loose to see what they will do.

After all, being part of a guild/clan/alliance/any group is a privilege, and with that membership typically comes certain expectations on how a member is supposed to behave.

For example, our guild is 18+; but we also have a policy that says:
We do not tolerate verbal attacks or harassment of any sort. We do not like drama for your mama; keep it in whispers and out of guild chat. No matter how Uber you are, no one is indispensable. Expect a firm /gkick in the behind if your drama in anyway begins to reduce our enjoyment of the guild and playing together.
Having your expectation posted somewhere helps a lot in curbing this sort of behaviorÖ it is also easy to point to this sort of statement in your policies and procedures if you feel someone has stepped out of line and you need them to zip it quick.

Iím guessing in Guild Wars that alliances serve some purposeÖ most likely that youíre able to do things as an alliance that you could not do alone as a clan. If this is the case, I think it would be highly advantageous for you and your clan officers to sit down with other clans and hash out expectations before getting into an alliance. After all, you want the alliances to be successful, and finding out if they have the same goals and expectations as you can really help. Besides, your people arenít going to want to play with others who offend them anyway.

But I guess you guys already have your alliance channel so a lot of that doesnít matter now.

I guess Iíd do the following:
1. Have a clan meeting to find out what your clanís expectations are as far as language; set clan policy on the website stating what we want. If people canít agree to what you and the majority want, then perhaps they are not a good fit for your clan.
2. Speak with the leaders of each clan that youíre in an alliance with and notify them of your policy change. Will this be a deal breaker for that particular alliance or not? If the other clan thinks itís a good idea, set up expectations for communication in the alliance channel. If not, well perhaps that particular alliance wasnít the right fit for your clan.
3. Determine what happens if someone is in alliance channel and is not following the expectations. Are they just booted from the alliance channel? Are they booted from the alliance channel and reported to their clan leader? I donít knowÖ thatís up for you guys to decide.

Imo, itís a game so itís all about the enjoyment youíre getting form it. That doesnít mean I want to deal with raving lunatics because that sort of behavior is enjoyable to them. Therefore, I find that making sure everyone has the same expectations on behavior really helps this out. If people want to belong to your group then they will have to behave accordinglyÖ or else find membership elsewhere.

As far as N3rdís ideaÖ itís interesting.
I donít understand how alliances work in Guild Wars so it may be an acceptable remedy to the situation. Having been a member of alliances in WOW though, I would not like this. We always have one ďofficialĒ alliance channel. If people want to go off and create their own personal channels and invite whoever then that is fine. If they get butt hurt over something that was said in their personal channel, well that is their issue. However, if something happens in the alliance channel, then that is my issue and I deal with it accordingly. I do not want to be monitoring 54 million channels.

Also, isnít the whole point of alliances to do stuff together and to get to know one another better? How are people supposed to get to know one other if there are 2 separate channels? Separating it out to a censored and uncensored channel is just going to cause division and drama imo. Anyway, just my thoughts!
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