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Old 05-18-2010, 11:09 PM
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Needs some advice, and possibly guidance...
So I have been dealing with Xbox Live clans since the early Halo 2 clans when it all started up. I was first only a member in some small friends based clans, clearly only meant for the game and enjoyment. I departed those, in hopes of finding something bigger, better and more complex as to have more of a role in doing something. I found a quite large clan, call RtG (Rise to Glory) I stuck with them a while making my way up to almost controlling my own squad. One of my friends had gotten screwed over by the leader and he left the clan, I, decided to follow, bringing around 15 members with us.

From there we formed, L2K (Live 2 Kill). This lasted about a month, until it disbanded and I followed some of the guys from that. We formed FTG (Full Throttle Gaming) Which also lasted only about a month. I hopped a few small clans including trying to form my own called the War Hawks (Came up with it before the game.) Which failed miserably. I found myself crawling my way back to RtG. Luckily I was given a second chance and started off almost right where I left off. [Though RtG was much smaller then when I first joined] And I continued in RtG from Halo 3 and well into Call of Duty 4: MW, but without the clan tab like supplied in Halo 2, We also ended up disbanding. From their I attempted to form a re-awakened clan from the members who had yet to leave the friend based aspect of the clan. I created GnD [Glory never Dies] Which in the end also fell.
I then struggled with a few small teams on GameBattles and the such, only to have them also disband and fail.

I now hold a council position in the recently created AoN [All or Nothing] Gaming Community. Which is also beginning to show signs of joining the rest of my past clans.

My question is mainly: Is it my lack of leadership? Or the game's itself and their lack of ability to hold onto clan based gaming any longer?

I see where the games have changed and how things have switched from strong number based clans and into GB and pro based clans with small member counts. I see very few Gaming Communities anymore.

I would also like to know if anyone would have any leadership tips to help bring in recruits, and to help supply them with a great Community for Gaming.

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Old 09-19-2011, 06:20 PM
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Hi there, this is a pretty old post, but I thought I lend a hand if you are still looking. I have a blog where I offer advice from my many years of running very successful clans. I suggest reading as much of my articles as you can and contact me and see if you still have questions. Without much detail about why those teams split up it's hard to offer advice.
- GP
The Game Preacher
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