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since I'm gonna try working on the fan fics a bit more as I have time, I thought it might be good to make a list of the players and a short history on each. Same as the fan fic threads, comment in the "comment on" thread please, I'll be locking this thread same as those since I can't move individual posts around.

Alice First- Alice is a young Tyrian girl, Kelly found her in the ruins of Ascalon soon after the searing sitting by herself in an alley. Taking pity on the young girl all alone dressed in rags and appearing half starved Kelly took her to the local Necromancer's guild. Infuriated by the guild leaders response that they did not have the resources to spare on the living at the moment Kelly punched out the guild leader and took Alice under her protection.
Alice is a friendly,cheerful girl currently 17 years old. she is usually quiet but has bursts of enthusiam. she sometimes will say things that don't make much sense or seem to reply to someone that no one else can see. Alice looks at the world in a different way than most. but there is no doubt that she is a skilled necromancer.

And A Cerry On top- Cherry is a native canthan with a talent for the elemental magic. She was working as a bookkeeper for a Canthan exporter named Lo Fat when she was recruited by the Shards to manage thier inventory. Cherry soon took up fighting in the arenas rather than moving around crates and earned herself some reputation there. After becoming disenchanted wit hthe arena politics she took up bartending at the guild hall.
Cherry is friendly, but reserved. She doesn't think she has any great talent, more of a slow and steady wins the race outlook. While she usually has a friendly word for people or is willing to listen to one's problems. She does have somewhat of a sarcastic view of people and thier motivations.Her family lives in Cantha but she visits now and then but prefers to stay at the guildhall.

A Shield for Halls- Joe is a Canthan monk that has been with Shards for about a year. He was working for a small firm in the capital city when he joined Shards to gain experience in the arenas. He much prefers to gain experience and fame in the arenas rather than to explore the world with the guild.
Joe is a very solemn, dedicated person, when he gives his word , he does he very best to keep it if possible. Even if sometimes it's something he would prefer not to do. His honor is very important to him. He's not much into dressing for apperance, preferring functional over glitter. All in all a very down to earth person.

Counted Lies- Known to most as "Book". Book is a monk in New Ascalon. for all apperances she is a simple priestess in the order of The Sisters of Light. helping to build new ascalon up and dispensing food and help to those in need. In actuality Book is a trained houri. skilled as a spy and assassin, she mainly looks out only for herself and uses her appearance and position to increase her standing and wealth. Shadowdancer hired her to look after the guild interests in New Ascalon before he left. knowing her ruthlessness and her talents he defended his choice by saying she would do an excellent job as long as she was paid for it.
Book is a chatty, charming person who seems all sweetness and light. she is willing to say whatever she htinks a person what's to hear and comes off very well to most.In reality she looks out for herself and herself alone. she will help other people as long as they are useful or she's not getting paid to kill them.

Care Bear Sarah- Sarah is a mid ranked monk of Dwayna. She found Kelly and Alice in one of the refugee camps in Yaks Bend while she was helping out those who were making the journey to Lion's Arch. she stepped in on an argument Kelly was having with a guide who was overcharging people. Feeling sorry for Alice [ and whoever was going to be getting in nha Morgan's way] she felt that she would best serve the Goddess [and save more lives] by following these two instead of staying in Yak's Bend. she is the guild's primary monk for exploring new areas around the world.
Sarah is a kind, considerate , thoughtful person. she rarely raises her voice in anger and tends to be the person to diffuse arguments or recommend a less violent way. she runs a small apocathary on the island where guuild members and hirelings can come for cures. she has a wintersday bear as a pet and will sometimes walk around the groves with it or go catch a nap with the bear being a big pillow.

Kelly nha Morgan- Kelly is a Tryian elementalist that has a special apptitude for the arts. She graduated the Tyrian academy early despite her troubles with following the rules. Her family died in the searing so she spent the years following it exploring the world and picking up people to form the guild here and there. forming a guild was never her intent as she tends to be more of a loner by nature. Kelly blasted a path across the knowm world in record time usally being one of the first of not the very first to discover a new area or an outpost of a non ascalon nation.
Kelly is a very energetic person. Most tend to describe her as psychotic. she is extremely strong willed and is unlikey to back down from an argument with most anyone or anything. she shows an intense loyalty to her guild and her friends though it's not always an easy relayionship. she enjoys power not for the sake of having it but more of to see how far she can push herself. Kelly enjoys having shiny items, she wants things to do good AND do as much damage as possible in the shortest period of time. She is in much demand from people when they want an area leveled down to small rocks in a short time.

Shadowdancers Avtr- Shadowdancer appears to be a Tyrian elementalist but in truth not much is known about him. some of the things known contradict with other things. It's been said tha the is not from Tyria at all but from one of the steelworlds. He helped nha Morgan buiild up Shards but chose to remain in New Ascalon until recently saying that he wanted a break from the world that is. He recently chose to leave behind new Ascalon and make his way through the world saying that he had learned what he needed.
Shadowdancer tends to be a quiet person. He mostly keeps to himself but not in a rude way. He just tends to be more private. He has been known to take time out to help less experienced people tha nhimself usually asking for nothing in return. however, he will rarely ask for help himself. He has a strong loyalty to his guild and his friends but claims that he walks alone since experience has taught him not to count in people. Like Joe [Halls] he goes to extreme limits to keep his word if at all possible. Shadowdancer hs a quiet strength to him that tells that he will endure whatever is thrown at him. He tends to prefer a Sword over the traditonal elemtalist weapons and carries a katana with him that Kelly found in a marketplace from an old armorer.

----- okay, more to follow-------- XD
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