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Old 05-12-2009, 09:17 PM
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Ninja Blade Demo review/thoughts (360)
I recently downloaded and tried the demo of Ninja Blade for the X-box 360, because for the last few months I have been trying to expand on the types of games I like to play. I have always mostly played RPGs, because they are what I enjoy the most, but I have also been wanting to try out different kinds of games, to broaden my gaming horizons. When i read the description of this game, I thought it would be something I would like, but after playing the demo for a little while, I saw that it was not a game I would like at all.

I will start out by saying I was impressed with the graphics of the game and the way everything looked. I have to admit that it is a beautiful game, at least the parts of it you get to see in the demo. I had not really heard much about this game, before I tried the demo, so I did not have any expectations for it, as it is not the type of game I usually play, so I would not have read anything about it.

Once I fired up the demo, after downloading it, I realised from the beginning that it was not the kind of game I could get into and not one that I would enjoy. I will admit I was disappointed by this, because I wanted to enjoy the game, but there were some things about it that were a major turn off for me.

At the beginning of the demo, you start off by falling out of the sky and are faced with a few enemies to kill, but to kill these enemies you have to press the right button at the right time. Ok, so some people may like having to do this, but the thing i noticed right off the bat, was it reminded me too much of Dragon's Lair, a video game I never liked at all, because of the ease of making the wrong choice and dying right away, along with the chance to go back and redo what you did wrong.

I got through the first three enemies and into a building where you are faced with a number of other enemies. This battle sequence was very good, because it was more normal and didn't have any twists and turns. So, I figured, well all of the game is not like it was at the beginning, this is good, so maybe I will like it after all. Then after the enemies are defeated a nearby wall explodes, and once again, you are told you need to dodge and if you don't, you die and then get a chance to try that part over again.

The same goes for the point in the demo after this, where a large worm creature bursts forth from the building and you have to escape it. I tried this several times and after getting frustrated by having to restart the chase sequence many times, I decided to quit the demo and delete it from my system. I am not sure if there is anything after this part of the demo, but even had I gotten past it, I am not sure I would have wanted to continue playing the demo or not.

I am not sure why this bugged me so much and then I thought about it and came to the conclussion, that Ninja Blade is just too much like Dragon's Lair, or Space Ace, which is another game I just could not ever learn to enjoy. I remember playing them a few times at the arcade when I was younger, but I also still remember how frustrated I was with a game like that. Now, I will say I did not hate all games like that, because there were the holographic games that were similiar and I remember one at the arcades that had a keyboard along with it, that was like Dragon's Lair (but i forget the name of it) that I throughly enjoyed and spent plenty of quarters on playing.

I am sure that there are people out there who do and will enjoy games like this, but I am not one of them. I would recommend the game, or at least the demo to anyone who likes this type of game, but those who do not I would suggest they stay away from it.
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