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Old 09-07-2009, 07:19 PM
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Accursed Lands/Rant
So is it still the epic failure that it was last time I checked back there.

For those who don't know about it fails for the following reasons with most of them tying up with the lack of players:

1) It prides itself on having lots of rooms, yet the population is so ridiculously low that even on the more populated cites you can run around without bumping into someone. Also getting lost really sucks

2) It's been in beta since fucking 1996

3) Despite being online for a very long time quite a bit of things have yet to implemented since I lat played.

4) Because it focuses on creating a strong atmosphere and roleplaying. OOC communication is discouraged which would be okay if there was enough players to ask in-game about stuff or trying to locate other players to play with! But because it's not it comes off as massively stupid. And I'm not talking about game-breaking stuff like the locations for learning all the magic spells*. Simple stuff like to how to do certain skills like smithing or ingredients for crafting items.

5) Certain things need serious fixing: For example when you first spawn you start with a bag of foods and wineskin full of water,fire making kit, a rez equip, and a piss poor amount money. see this would be okay if you spawned with a least a crappy rusted weapon* or maybe a decent amount of money to buy a cheapo weapon or something to help with beginning craftsmen.

6)It fails at giving a role playing experience. Sure I could got play by myself but why should I isn't the point of the game to be able to play with others? I guess not since you can't ask where some people are at via the OOC chat and somehow roleplay yourself in bumping into the hypothetical group.

Even with these glaring flaws it's got some potential it just needs fixing, like suspending the stupid ooc rule until you get a healthy playerbase down so those who are total newbs can have something to do beside aimless wanderong or removing the superfluous six million plus rooms it claims to have. Pretty much my main problem with the damn thing is accessibility even though it claims on being realistic it could do so without making the experience wall bangingly frustrating. And I tried to like I really did but when asking for help I got the generic can't do OOC help cuz it's against the rules or the general deal with it bullshit. This bullshit makes me rage hard.

If anyone that plays this game has reports of the condition being much better or at least can help me get into the game better by all means do as my experience with it was dis satisfactory. Also for those with morbid curiosity here the link www.accursed-lands.com

Note: Magic in game is responsible for causing the land to get fucked up after a huge war and therefore is very rare and dangerous, so playing as a mage is hard to do as the location for learning it is hidden and you'll be in danger as the lore dictate magic users are hunted down and whatnot.

And as for the weapons I'm basing off my experience playing as the fanatic kitty race which has claws as a natural weapon, but they sucked since it was only marginally better than using your fists.
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