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Old 03-23-2009, 02:24 PM
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Lightbulb API request - API:Member:GetCalendarEntries
Am getting tempted to play with this a bit, but doing some reviewing/checking first to see what options/calls are available.

Before I get into the request, I'm worried about calling "API:Member:GetProfile" for members who have scads of games - lots of people have 100+ games now; any performance concerns?

New API Request:

Description: This web service returns you information on a gamerDNA member's calendar of game activity, returning information on entries, mood and comments on the entries.

* required

* member* - the gamerDNA member name
* date* - the requested calendar date
* apikey* - Userís GamerDNA Apikey

Your API key is available on the first pane of your GamerDNA Panel. You must be logged in.

Example URL

http://helix.gamerdna.com/get_member_calendarentries.php?member=<member name>&date=<mm-dd-yy>&apikey=<api key>

Valid Result

<api> <info> <version>1.0</version> <name>get.member.calendarentries</name> <description>Obtains gamerdna calendar information</description> </info> <calendar> <date>3-22-09</date> <entries> <count>2</count> <entry> <title>Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword</title> <gameID>3333</gameID> <gameplatform>pc</gameplatform> <gameurl>http://www.gamerdna.com/game/sid-meier-s-civilization-iv-beyond-the-sword-ibm-pc-compatible</gameurl> <mood>Interested</mood> <milestone>Advanced</milestone> <group></group> <details>Readying an invasion fleet; we'll see how three transports carrying a mix of tanks, marines and leftover cavalry do.</details> <verifiedgameplay>XFIRE</verifiedgameplay> <verifiedgamedetails>39 minutes</verifiedgamedetails> <comments> <count>1</count> <comment> <name>Xianthe</name> <userid>8080</userid> <commentdate>3-22-09 21:59:28</commentdate> <commenttext>Cavalry? Those're only good in the mid-game, my man, you're doomed!</commenttext> </comment> </comments> </entry> <entry> <title>CATAN</title> <gameID>5555</gameID> <gameplatform>X360</gameplatform> <gameurl>http://www.gamerdna.com/game/catan-xbox-360</gameurl> <mood></mood> <milestone></milestone> <group></group> <details></details> <verifiedgameplay>XBL</verifiedgameplay> <verifiedgamedetails>+25 points</verifiedgamedetails> <comments> <count>0</count> </comments> </entry> </entries> </calendar> </api>
Invalid Result
<api> <info> <version>1.0</version> <name>get.member.calendarentries</name> <description>Obtains gamerdna calendar information</description> </info> <error>MEMBER NAME or APIKEY MISSING or INVALID DATE</error> </api>
Some of that might not be necessary - for example, gameplatform, since that might be encapsulated in gameID or even the URL. It would spin off an API around "GetGameInfo", but that's not really important. I struggled a bit with the verified gameplay since I only really have a couple personal examples to work from. This would probably leave it open to other services/options. Also, I'm not sure what the preferred convention is when there's no data. Probably leave the tags in with no data in between, and let the consumer handle it, but I defer to the supplier.

And of course, the name may not fit with preferred convention - perhaps API:Member:GetCalendarActivities or something...
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