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Adventures of a Team Fortress 2 Spy.
Basically, this is a forum game/Community fan fiction. I will write a story featuring The Spy from Team Fortress 2 (If you don't know who that is here). After a few paragraphs I will ask a question along the lines of: What will Spy do? The answer I think is best happens. Also, no killing the pet cat (you'll see). Ask questions about the story and I will answer.

"I feel dizzy"

A figure in a Grey suit stood up from the ground. He was infront of a burning building, chunks of what appeared to be metal and wood lay around on the ground burning. The figure walked towards the fire, it looked like a bomb exploded inside the building. The thought that came to his mind was simple "How did I survive that".

"You barely did boy-o"

The figure looked around, he saw another survivor. He was an African-American, and eye patch over one eye, and a Scottish accent. On him was a red jumpsuit, and what looked like a kevlar vest over him, that went down into a kilt. He had a bottle of liquor in his hand, and he took a swig.

"The name be Marcas, but you can call me Demoman, Demo for short laddie. What be your name?"

The figure hesitated, but thought for a minute.

"I have no clue..." answered the figure.Demo looked him over head to toe. "You be looking like a spy to me lassie, were you in that building when the bomb went off?"

"What is a spy? and I don't remember if I was in there... I... I don't remember anything..."

Demo took another swig from his bottle, looking like he had a thought on his mind. Then Demo looked at the "Spy's" left hip. Spy looked too, there was a revolver. Ivory handle, with a black, rusty barrel. It looked like he had one shot left. Spy searched his pockets, a cigarette case, with what looked like a PDA in it, and an old combat knife was what was left.

"That's a bit of firepower you have there, and that device of yours tells me your a spy, or at least, you were. Well then, looks like you could use a name, a place to stay, and a hospital visit lad. Come on now, follow me."

~ NOW, what should spy do?

Anything from Kill Demo to commit suicide is an accepted answer. But remember, I pick the overall storyline, you give suggestions as to what the spy will do. but remember, everything will come back to the spy, and he will have to pay for it. If the spy dies (which isn't likely unless I get bored of the story) the thread is over.
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