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Player Written Recap (Our Story So Far)
PoseidonX1234 put together a great recap, since it was in the middle of another thread I thought I'd pull it out to here.
Ok everyone, I know this has been done twice already. But I haven’t fully contributed yet and I feel like this is the best way I can. I’ve summed up everything that’s happened as I view it. I know im not completely correct on any of this, but this is what i’ve concluded since I first started looking into this. I’m sorry its long, but I feel it’s necessary. I know it’s redundant and you can probably figure most of this out and already have on your own, but I want to make sure im not alone on my thoughts. So, here’s what i've concluded thus far from the very beginning.

Brian becomes interested in the Tunguska Event Takes serious interest in Julian Teng: Teng was said to be within the blast radius, yet survived the accident. After which he began to hear voices in his head he could barely translate. He spoke of things he heard that could only originate from a highly technologically advanced future. This will tie in to The Singularity later.

Brian writes a paper he thought he would do well on but gets an F on it. Somehow this paper is leaked to higher powers and soon after he starts being followed by a bald green-eyed man, more often than not in shades during any point of the day, reading a Russian news paper. The Russian part is key here since Tunguska took place in Russia in 1908. What is concludable from all of this is that Brian, without realizing, took a step too far in his research on Tunguska and Julian Teng. He must have discovered something or got very close to discovering something and whatever higher power that got access to his research paper did not like. So they sent people to “watch” him.

When the summer comes Brain starts to play WoW. Soon after he starts encountering strange anomalies. 1. After Brian dies in the game, while standing in the graveyard he hears a bunch of static and what he can only guess as strange voices in the background. He decides to quit for a while but begins playing again a few weeks later. 2. After completing a quest his screen goes black and a string of binary code appears with someone saying “Julian” in the background.” I’m guessing this binary code may have something to do with the code atop the page for “The Society of Digital Reincarnation”. Another instance of this happens in which he logs into a grey area with more binary. Notices the voices are getting clearer and they don’t speak English well. 3. While playing a few weeks later he is contacted by Ev@$kw8R with cryptic messages. Apparently he works with trench coat and Russian guy. We should try to contact him. However I don’t know what realm Brian was playing on. Several more instances like this occur over the course of time.

During all of this Brian continues to have encounters with trench and Russian guy, mainly alluding to preparing him for “something big” to which he cannot figure out. Brian “makes a break through” with his research and thinking process, developing his theory on a dimensional rift to explain the happenings at Tunguska. It is soon after this that Brian goes missing and stops posting online.

Since then guild members on WoW have been getting cryptic messages….a particular one involving the blue pill alluding to the Matrix and Brian. Soon after that we decipher the telephone number and make the call. It’s hard to hear but we can figure out most of it. Meanwhile whoever is monitoring us decides we need a little boost and so we receive the video from Ben Mace giving us the lay down. You all know what was said in the message so I don’t have to repeat it. All I have to say to that is it alludes to a “technological heaven” which will come into play when I bring up The Singularity.

It’s noted that Mr. Mace has 5 favorite videos on his you tube profile. One points to WoW which has been a center of communication and clues about Brian. Another gives a full depiction on Tunguska and what it was all about, which, after reading all of Brian’s blogs, aids in helping to understand what Brian was researching and gives possible motives as to why he was taken. It also talks about Julian Teng and gives a brief background.

Most important to me are his 1st and 4th favorite videos. The 4th video explains what the Singularity is…what happens when civilizations rate of technological advancement/development continues to accelerate. I would also like to note that the person in the 4th video is reading what he says. If he knew what he wanted to say he would be looking at the camera more often instead of reading word for word off of w/e he was looking at. He also has long hair and wears a black t-shirt… What could this mean? This ties in with the 1st video with the man talking about how the singularity will lead us into a super technological future in which anything is possible.

If you take these two videos messages, the original video from Ben Mace and Brian’s research on Julian Teng and tie it all together, the following becomes clear: The Society of Digital Reincarnates, founded by Ben Mace apparently, most likely believes in completely embracing the Singularity (4th video) as it leads us into our “technological paradise” (1st video). The only thing that gives this “society” any meaning to me is that Teng spoke about the voices speaking from a far advanced technological future. Ill need some help figuring out the rest of their relevance. I’m not sure how to interpret the Bladefist video. So that’s open to ideas. I also don’t know what the 2nd and 5th video have to do with anything. So..yea I dropped the ball on that one…. Back to the sequence of events.

So we got the videos. Now we get the opportunity to join the online blog center, which we do. On there are several different things aside from a complete read out of what was said in the phone call. We are given our first task involving Teng’s markings on the stone. I have no idea what to do with that. He also allows anyone who is a new member to ask 1 question. I first asked what the binary translated to, but I was new to everything and didn’t know so Q cleared me on that and I got a second chance to ask.

Before I could ask my next question we got “the help” and got access to the images. The letter written by gates was sent to a Dr. Mace. Since this is 1920 we have to assume its Ben Mace’s father. Clearly the letter has to do with Teng and how he was in the first hospital.

So, with all that in my head I asked the voiceless this question. How did your father respond to the letter and if he took Teng in what did he deduce?
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