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Old 01-07-2009, 09:30 AM
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Gaming Fansites and Gaming Networks. A dream to a...
Hey guys.

Well todays thread topic has to do with Gaming Fansites and Gaming Networks. Lets see...we have plenty, haha, indie fansites of just one tiny fansite for games known and games unknown...then we have Vault, Warcry, Stratics,...ect.

What do you guys like about each?


I think you could say small fansites have this. Maybe because people who create them are way into the game they are making it for which gives us, the gamer, more of a reason to visit the site. But then you also can look at the big sites...more people, more people who frequent...but that doesn't mean always a good thing. Who said personality is always good? I mean large network sites work, and some have awesome staff who actually communicate to devolpers what the gamer is looking for. Some are an access point to game developers, and if you are a site that is frequented by gamers you most likely will be frequented by game devs. Ahha! The equation. Get followers=viewed by devs=getting exclusives=awesome more followers.
Now then. The reason I bring this topic to GamerDNA is because GamerDNA is a game site...ALL AROUND...not a news site...but a gaming site for gamers, pretty much by gamers. Which is why the community is awesome. They know what they want, and it's provided.
Here is the thing I want to bring about maybe for something real, or just discussion. A game news site(network portals or not) by gamers for gamers. Something where gamers can submit things easily, write reviews easily, rate easily, expand on the idea of gamerDNA's news...something better bigger.
A site with great personality, great community...but a game news site...by gamers for gamers. Therefore succesful. Exclusives by the gamers.
My rant is over. Even though it wasn't really a rant. I don't have any programming or design skills, but if any one of you does and this sounds like something you've been looking forward to...even if you don't and this sounds like something you've been looking into...maybe send me a PM...maybe a dream of mine is a dream of others. And those who dream the same can make a reality.

Thanks for reading.
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