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Old 12-02-2008, 01:45 PM
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Roleplay in Planeshift
I try to stay clear of standard RP. I find it burdened by a very standardised way of fantasy writing, so I've got my own style. I lean on comedy influences and draw on my own capacity for zany and it's been a lot of fun for me to do.

Planeshift, probably the best game for roleplaying I've found (Made for by devoted roleplayers) It's still an alpha tech demo, so the gaming experience isn't there yet, but it's led to an environment where roleplay is the game of the day. It's incredible fun sometimes.

Here's one of my made up things:

The tragic fate of the Moo Crew

The Moo Crew were a band of noble paladins dedicated to the protection of our bovine brothers from the infestation of the cow-hungry Trepors across the land. Facing impossible odds, the brave paladins fought most valiantly but destiny is a cruel mistress and every trace of their sacred bovine kin was wiped from the face of Yilakum forever.

The bloodbond was lost, the pyschic link forever extinguished as the last one fell. Unable to cope with their loss, forever longing for the comforting bond of their former wards. The Moo Crew chose to seal their fate, so that they could join them again in the next life.

Here are their last moments....

Stood upon Brado's the Moo crew search for their bovine brothers and call to the ether, painfully waiting for a reply. Only silence.

Brother Michtymog, Sister Gireye and Sister Rynna exchange solemn glances.

Michtymog uttered their final vow.

"For the brothers and sisters we have lost, we join you now!"

One by one, the utterance is made as they step off the building top. Leaving only their broken bodies and song of the bovine ones, echoing throughout the town.

And so ended a most noble chapter.
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Thanks for that. I needed a good laugh.

There once was a buggy AI
Who decided her subject should die.
When the plot was uncovered,
The subjected discovered
That sadly the cake was a lie.
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