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Old 12-18-2008, 09:32 PM
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Alter Aeon MUD - Fantasy
Using the original DentinMud Codebase. Alter Aeon has been going for 12+ years. Not a large mud, but the code is fantastic. There has been continual code and building support for it since its inception. One of the most stable and dynamic of any I've played. For more information: dentinmud.org

If you're looking for fantasy based mud I have to recommend it. And if you're one of the folks looking for reader support, or less spam in a hack-and-slash mud there has been extensive work done to accommodate the various output of the game. The help pages are viewable from the website.

Disclaimer: I'm a retired co-creator, builder, and admin of Alter Aeon. Though you won't find myself around that realm anymore, I left a bunch of areas to enjoy. These areas are searchable by the command [areas heart]. Heart was my god's name.
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