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Old 09-26-2008, 12:45 AM
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Developer: Midway Studios - Los Angeles
Publisher: Midway Games
Release Date: September 2nd, 2008
Category: Wrestling
TC Rating: 68/100

After years of us having to put up with the crap THQ put out in Smackdown vs. RAW series, we now have a new wrestling game out on the market, TNA iMPACT! The game itself uses the Unreal Engine and since this is the first wrestling game Midway have made to this standard, we can’t really compare it to Smackdown vs. Raw. Remember when Smackdown first appear on Playstation. It was the first in the series and so is this.

For those of you that haven’t heard of TNA before, here’s a little background. After WCW went bankrupt, Former WWE and WCW wrestler Jeff Jarrett had an idea to create a wrestling company that gave up and comers like Samoa Joe and AJ Styles the chance to showcase their skills in the ring. TNA moved from a 4-sided to a 6-sided ring and now holds a national TV programme on a Thursday night also called TNA iMPACT.

So back to the game, AJ Styles and Samoa Joe spent a lot of time down at Midway to try and get the details done right. They had a lot of input in the game. TNA used motion capture sensors to get all the move perfect and give everyone there acquired move set. A lot of effort has gone into this and you can tell!

The story mode of the game focuses on a wrestler called Suicide. Suicide makes his way to the top before LAX take him out and he has no idea who he has. Now that’s were you come in. You pick yourself a name and clothes and then work your way upto the top. You start in Mexico doing a gaunlet match. after you pass, you then make it to America which you do the same thing at an army base until the last guy when you face James Storm for TNA contract. Once in TNA, you work your way up the ladder claiming all titles available. You team with Eric Young for a thrilling tag team storyline. In the end you come face to face with Jarrett, the guy who sent LAX to take you out when you were Suicide. Your memory comes back and once you beat Jarrett, you become the TNA World Champion and the number 1 in TNA!

There are a few match types available in the game, but not as many as you expect. You don’t get Full Metal Mayhem, Elevation X, Terror Dome, Six Sides of Steel or King of the Mountain match amongst others. You get your Singles, Tag Team, Free For All, Ultimate X and Ultimate X Free For All. There are also a few arenas to unlock. The arenas you fight in looks all the same with different rings mats and a different colour building. There are always chairs dotted around the ring, something not in TNA on Television. You can’t walk up the entrance ways or go near broadcast table. There is no fighting in the crowd, but to be fair, it took THQ about 6 years to add that feature. There is also no full entrance down to the ring. Once they ar eintroduced, it cuts out. One good thing about this game compared to Smackdown vs. Raw is that the loading times ar emuch shorter!

TNA iMPACT doesn’t boast a good online section. Some of the achievements are for leaderboard position, but a lot of people quit when losing, but it doesn’t affect there streak and they stay at the top/undefeated. I have played about 50 games online and about 15 have quit when losing. It’s a shame that these few people spoil the game for the rest of us. Another issue with online is that Ultimate X is very laggy no matter how good a conenction is. Unlike in exhibition pressing A doesn’t work as soona s you press it, online there is a one second delay which can be annoying. I’m 50/50 for Ultimate X matches online!

The Wrap Up
To wrap this game up, I’d buy it for the possibility of 950GS. You won’t get the last 50GS unless you got the game off Amazon for Miek Tenay, but either way a good rent! The game doesn’t boast a good CAW system or many matches and not full TNA roster but this is all stuff we can expect from DLC’s and TNA iMPACT 2!

This was a quick review. I know I've missed quite a bit out including the AI in the system especially for tag team matches. This was ripped from my site.
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Old 10-01-2008, 10:55 PM
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this game was a disappointment in my eyes. Midway has lost its talent for making good games.
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Old 10-03-2008, 04:44 AM
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i would buy it used
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Old 10-08-2008, 06:55 AM
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Midway & TNA hyped this game up so much & then delivered a piece of crap...by the looks of it & sound of it. I would have to say that SD vs RAW 2009 is gonna be better than this game. Though i'm not buying either as there are better games to buy.
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Old 10-08-2008, 05:35 PM
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That is way more info then I really need to know. But thanks for sharing.
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Old 10-31-2008, 06:12 AM
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TNA Impact Reveiw

Graphics_ 9/10

Decent but a far shot from what i expected.

Midway dropped the ball on this one, simple as that. Okay so the game didnt quite live up to all the hype around it but its much better than sites like IGN would have you believe. Sadlly TNA’S first game wont be the SVR killer I and many were hoping for but I think that it will be decent competition for SVR09. Lots of stuff was left out for the sake of getting it released on time but it feels like one of those games that NEEDED another 6 or 8 months of work to be truly finished.

Unlike the SVR games Impact is not a wrestling sim, its more like a arcade fighting/wrestling game this is no big shock seeing as how Midway developed the game. One thing that needed to be changed was rather than give us guys like

Don West,
Mike Tenay and
Afro Thunder

Don west and Mike tenay arent even wrestlers they are the commentators. and Afro thunder?WTF!? Midway didnt need to waste time with those 3 they should have given us instead,
Petty Williams,
Jimmy Rave,

At least its confirmed that Petty Williams will be in future DLC as for Kaz, Rave, Curryman and many others midway had better come through.

For DLC as far as new matches i want to see,

Full Metal Mayhem,
Monsters Ball,
ClockworkOrange House Of Fun Match,
King Of The Mountain
Six Sides Of Steel
Elavation X.

With any luck we will get some or all of these matches in DLC hopfully for free or cheap. All i can say is that Midway better step up and not drop the ball again on TNA impact 2.
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Old 12-11-2008, 08:31 AM
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I wish I like to have this game.
Wii fit
nintendo wii
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