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Old 10-30-2006, 07:23 PM
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guild games
I don't know if anyone else feels the same way but I kown I do so here is my question, this post might not be in the right spot but I am sure roxi will move it if its not.

When a guild switches games, whats the process to let memebers know were the guild is headed for. For me I bought COV and COH because the guild I was in left GW for them, and then two weeks after spending like 100 bucks they all became inactive needless to say I was pissed but then again it led me to find S1 so can't be to bad. But I am the type of player who really doesn't care on what game I play as long as I have my friends to play with, and since darkfall/tabula rasa/warhammer are coming up is there some process to let people know which one the guild will focus on? I want a experience like the SWG one that I hear so much about
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Old 10-30-2006, 10:01 PM
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If you just keep up on what's being posted on the rpk forums, it will be pretty evident which game(s) will be "next up" for S1.

Of course, that doesn't mean it'll stay that way. Just in the last two years we've had DDO, CoH/CoV, and EQ2 come and go in pretty short order. The problem with those, though, was that none of them really stood out among the others, which is something that WoW did.

Unfortunately, WoW is not the hardcore PvP atmosphere that formed the good social bond we had in SWG. It's a pretty good assumption that the next PvP-centered game that comes out to a fanfare of trumpets will be where most of that old SWG crowd goes, and there you'll find the experience you're looking for.

For my money, I'm banking on Warhammer just being a flash in the pan, and Darkfall being the next "big thing"...that's just my early guess, though.

Roxi also used to release a periodic newsletter...I don't know if she is still working on these (I know I haven't seen one in a while), but those would help keep people abreast of info like this.

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Old 10-31-2006, 01:23 PM
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About mailing Guild Newsletters and Maintaining Forums
About rpkHQ.com Section One newsletters
Whenever we have moved into a game enmass, I released a newsletter. I did so with all the games Ravage mentioned--at least I remember it that way :P

I use GOT on Yahoo to compose newsletters and maintain my opt in/out mailing list. The cost to send to approximately 700 email addresses was $50. Here are some results from two campaigns. They both produced about the same results:

Recipients 708 N/A N/A Recipients who opened email 298 42% N/A Recipients who clicked any link 103 15% 35% Click-Through's 168 24% 56% Recipients who replied to email 0 0% 0% Recipients who unsubscribed 5 1% 2%

Early results from March mailing:

Recipients 775 N/A N/A Recipients who opened email 332 43% N/A Recipients who clicked any link 77 10% 23% Click-Through's 126 16% 38% Recipients who replied to email 0 0% 0% Recipients who unsubscribed 2 0% 1%
The difference between the two was that in the first newsletter I focused more on game content and updates. The second focused more on what members were doing.

Here is a screenie of a draft version of the second one.

Given the expense, about 50 cents a click thru, I don't know that most guild leaders would find the cost was justified.

About Guild Forums
When we, Section One, were all playing SWG, the rpkHQ forums went very dead. This is because I maintained an in game mailing list and though newsletters were all text there, the results were much better. When we moved to WoW, people start using the forums more because we had to coordinate 40 members and non members for raid events. So basically, rpkHQ.com grew because it helped people get loot. That's when we really started getting big. If you want people to come to your Website, you have to add value to their gaming experience.

Shameless Plug
In GuildCafe 2.0 and beyond we shall be offering guild leaders the opportunity to run their private forums and maintain their rosters here. We are writing lots of widgets and tools to help make the GuildCafe a truly valuable place for a guild's members. Thus all guilds hosting forums here will benefit and GLs can worry less about marketing and more about playing.

Stay tuned. In the meantime I hope this disclosure of rpkHQ.com data is of use to some.
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Old 01-11-2007, 06:00 PM
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My guild has moved a couple times, and we've made some mistakes and learned some lessons. We planning on moving to Warhammer Online and I'm trying to be very careful this time. Here's what I've learned:

As soon as you know you want to move your guild, begin posting on your forums about the new game and gage interest.

If it seems like enough folks are interested in the game, have a meeting and post on your forums to ask if anyone is interested in having the guild there. Once it is settled that you are moving, start making plans. If the game isn't even launched yet, this can sometimes give you months of prep time. Remember that for those of your guild who are happy and having fun in the current game, this could be an unexpected change.

One thing you need to make peace with right away is that you are going to lose people. Not everyone is going to want to make the move. It's important to make arrangements for your current guildies who are not interested in moving. These guildies have been loyal and your responsibility to them doesn't end yet. Find out who is staying.

If you think someone is staying that is capable of running the guild, ask them if they'd like the leadership role there. Make sure you are honest about how much time and effort you put in and your expectations of them so that they can make an educated and honest decision.

If no one is staying that you feel can carry on the guild, or if no one is interested in leading the guild, help them find another already established guild that is similar to yours and will accept them all. Have a meeting to discuss the pros and cons of this idea so that everyone staying can give their input. This way your guildies who have bonded together don't feel scattered to the wind. Even in a new guild, they will still have each other and having friends in the new guild will make things easier for them.They may not like or take this option, but at least you know you tried to leave them with support.

Of the people going to the new game, are any of them officers who can help you get established in the new game or will you do it all on your own? Starting a new game is fun, but starting a new guild in a new game can be chaotic. Your members are used to you being full of knowledge and support, and you will have neither. Make sure those coming with you know that it will be a group effort at first.

Make sure all of this is also being posted in an area of the guild forums that allows all members to participate in case some folks are not able to make the meetings.

Be sure to post the server (if possible) and side (if applicable) your guild is joining and when. When we moved to WoW, we did not know a list of servers before launch day, so we said we would go to the RP server that is lowest in alphabetical order (which on launch day was Silver Hand).

If a game isn't launched yet, you can have months to get everyone informed and the move planned out. If the game has launched already, you'll have to pay attention to your guild members to know when you're ready. All of this discussion and decision making takes time and even if you are the leader, you don't want your members to feel rushed.
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