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Old 05-08-2008, 07:31 PM
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Ascension Guild [Cabal Online] {Server Mercury}
Ascension is a Cabal Online Game, Hosted by OG Planet for USA/CA users.

Guild Information:
Ascension is an elitist group, stressing on the concept of strength with focus; Diverting it's power into the hands of the elite, rather than scattering it amongst numerous amounts of members. Ascension is not to be trifled with; Aggression only deems your life forfeit by the hands of Ascension. Perfection is Ascension's primary goal, and the impossibility to attain such only means Ascension strives to improve, to become powerful, to define power, to become the epitome of what is powerful, to redefine epitome and rise to a new plane of power beyond all else; The Ascension of gods.

Currently our guild is hosting "Ascension's Rise Above Event"
All members under L75 starting from 4/21/08 and ending 5/4/08, each member that makes L75 within the 2 week time frame, will receive great prizes based on their class. Those who are not able to make L75, no worries, there are other prizes for you as well!
Prizes include things such as Full Double Slot Osm for your class, Upgrade core highs to accompany that, as well as a cape of your choosing, +5 and lower!

In Ascension we strive to make Cabal fun for all players, so keep an eye out for us, were growing fast.

1.A member from the guild registering onto the forums, make sure you have used your INGAME Cabal name to register onto the forums for quick and easy verification. These forums have been closed off to all outsiders except for those we give permission to. In order to gain this permission, we need crystal clear verification that you are an actual member thus able to entrust with full fledged membership. Consult an administrator/guild leader with any issues.

2. An ally/friend of the guild/a guild member, make sure you have registered with your in-game cabal alias, and also that an administrator knows in advance that you are registering for easy verification.

3. An outsider wishing to make an application to join our guild, then by all means make an introduction for yourself, why you are Ascension material, and make a note to list key information of yourself i.e.;
a. In-game Alias
b. Main Class/Level
c. Guild Contacts (Do you know anyone in the guild)
d. Mic/Ventrilo
e. Ex. Guilds
f. Brief Introduction and why you would like to join

Make a note that we play on server Mercury, channel 11.

4. A guild requesting an alliance/unification with Ascension, then make sure your guild leader registers with his/her in-game Cabal alias, and makes the post him/her self, consisting of the following:

1. Guild Name
2. Guild size (and date of size)
3. Active Guild Channel (Which channel do you play on)
4. Allegiance
5. Other Alliances
6. Enemies
7. Introduction and why you would like to ally with us.
Guild Leader ~ Ascension
Ascension Home Page
Cabal Online, Ascension Page
Cabal Online Closed Beta Tester
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Old 11-17-2009, 08:00 PM
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Hey. I was a former Ascension member and wanted to tell all ppl in the guild that you chose a great guild to join. Although i was kicked out it was my mistake and my fault. I hope all of you enjoy your day.
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Old 10-02-2011, 05:49 PM
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Ingame name: Lenk

Main Class/LVL: 150 FA

Mic/Ventrillo: Do not have vent or a mic

Previous guilds: member of DeathGate, Guild leader of BlackSouls and Aero and member of TheSovereign.

Anyone I know in the guild: LightxRyu, also played on his character so I know everyone else.

Reason why I want to join: Since I was playing on LightxRyu I got know everyone and the guild, and I really enjoy talking and playing with them. I find the guild friendly and helpful and reminds me of when I had a guild and would enjoy being a part of this community.
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Old 02-13-2012, 06:09 AM
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Main/lvl FS 156
Mic/vent - dont have vent or mic
previous guild- too old to remember, haven't played sometime
any one i know in guild - non as of yet
Reason why i want to join- need active guild to run dungeon with.
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Old 05-06-2012, 11:18 PM
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a. In-game Alias - NutellaOnBuns
b. Main Class/Level - FA/159
c. Guild Contacts (Do you know anyone in the guild) - no
d. Mic/Ventrilo - Yeah
e. Ex. Guilds - ADoboNation, Cookies
f. Brief Introduction and why you would like to join - Im looking for a new guild to run dungeons with since my old guild AdoboNation is now dead D;
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