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Full Name: Amernia Williams [Am-er-n-ia]


She was found in a dungeon about to be a offering to some hell hounds. She will rescued by her adopt father who was exploring at the time. She doesn't remember much about that time but she had a scar on her upper arm. The scar looks like a Blackish looking hound. Other than traumatic event in the dungeon, she lived pretty normal life in Bangor. She learn skills from her family. She does enjoy listening and playing music. Her goals in life are to improve her skills that she learn from her family and acquired new skills. Also to find out who she is and where she came from, aswell the meaning of her mark.

But Amernia wasn't a sacrifice but a experiment, details on the ritual are unknown. Before the ritual could be complete. Her farther grab her and ran. She became daughter to her rescuer. Sudden when she reach the age of 26, her mark start to itch and then sallow into a blackish lump. Amernia was slowing became a Hellhound, but with the help of Phiala and the rest of Solidarity she was saved from a misery existences and/or death. The details on the ritual are still unknown


Amernia original had pale white skin, that hasn't seen sunlight much, which stay the same the color of shade no matter how much time she spend outside. Her hair is color of wheat ready for harvest and only going down to her neck. The hair also remain in that style no matter what she does, she can't even dye it. She also has a large breast which she finds that just get in her way. Her eyes were blue.

But now Amernia no longer has a friendly mature look nor blond hair or blue eyes but fierce determined look with reddish-orange color eyes and Blond hair. Though she still has her Starry Wizard Hat and Popo outfit.

Age: 11 (her true age is 27)


Her duties are to her friends and family. Her family and family has extend to a group called "Solidarity". Where she assist almost any way she can. Thought her family comes first in her opinion. She first met the members of Solidarity, though she didn't know it at the time, when she was rescued from the kobolds by Oren and Blane. Oren was ask by her father to train her.

Her duties and loyal were as the past still the to her friend and family.


Her past occupation were and still hard to defined. She works on refining, blacksmithing, manual labor, entertaining people with her music, slaying monster, adventurer, and collector. But now she is a student under Oren who has the occasionally help from Bland and Ruvanna.


Amernia was adopt by her rescuer and take to his relatives. The family motto is "never give up on each other". The family is large. There is the father, mother , 6 sisters , 8 brothers, 13 cousins, 5 uncles, 3 aunts, Grandmother Grandfather and whole alot of nieces and nephews. The family lives and/or works in or around Bangor. The younger part of the family that older enough to work and lived on their own are adventurers, miners, hunters, labors, and any job they can get their hands on. Some on the family members are married and have kids of there own. The older stock do their jobs like they also have to do.

Family Occupation:

Grandfather / Blacksmith (Also knows refining skills)
Grandmother / Magic User (Decreasing with her age)
Father / Adventure (with some fishing and music skills)
Mother / Barmaid (with some First Aid skills)
Uncle / Miner
Uncle / farmer (farming beans and potatoes mostly)


She is still very loyal to her family and friends which she will protect them even if cost her your life. Also she able to think outside the box and able to reach her goals. Also sometimes able to know that people that trying to deceive her (tho when she drunk or very angry, these don't applied).

Due to the transform and the rebirth, Amernia keep some of hounds abilities. Her Sight, Hear and sense of smell increases. She also has more stamina, and quicker reflexes. Bangor has a calming effect on her.


She can be suspicious of certain individuals that she doesn't know well or acts out of the ordinary. She can get pretty Violent when she is tick off , mainly from when she is touch inappropriate areas, or been seen changing or bathing). She is fond of Alcohol.

Also due to the transform. She became more sarcastic, overconfidence and speak her mind more. She also becomes more annoyance and angry quicker. One of her weakness is that she can be dense to other people emotions or there personal spaces.

Personality quirks:

Two favorite interjection words are "Cripes" and "Sheesh". She has a habit of drinking. She also has a habit of collecting monster part and/or fomor scrolls.




Able to read and write. Also can read and write in Japanese.

Economic Status

Commoner but her is pretty well off compare to others residents
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