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What Makes A Good Guild Leader?
This was taken way back in 2002. How many of these still hold true? I think they will stand the test of time if you ask me. And there is some great info here for future Guild leaders. (All these guilds are still around to this day)

This was the selected batch of answers gathered by Vosx of SBVault. To quote him directly, "When Ashen Temper asked the community about the effects of assassination on guild leaders last week, the response was tremendous. Ashen also asked, "Finally, what do you think makes a good Guild Leader and what kind of Guild Leader are you/would you be?" I picked out several of the responses in the thread that I thought were noteworthy."

Rayvan of Undead Lords :

"I won't go into long detail on this. A good leader is one not afraid to listen to his council and take everything into consideration and come to a decision based on all, no matter who it pleases or displeases. He/she should then have the charisma and respect to see that the decisions are carried out exactly how they deemed it. And last he/she should have the knowledge of their weak points (battle tactics, supplies, money whatever) and find the right people to fill in the positions for him/her."

Deyth of Combine

"The ability to identify and achieve the goals each member has set for themselves. Within that single sentence is implied every other ability ever quoted with regard to leadership. To identify requires insight, ability to view the big picture, etc. To achieve requires tactics, strategy, discipline, organization, etc. Way too much to list here. What kind of leaders are there? I'm the kind that gets the job done, everyone on my side wins. Everyone in my way or on my [censored] list ends up flaming me for the next 2 years."

Bonedancer of Sinister

"Vision - perhaps the strongest benefit but definatly the hardest to quantify. Having a vision for your team is what prevents anarchy. "Today we will wear blue armor", "This month we will build up our armor supplies". It is the focus for your game when your not doing the mundane elements of PVM."

Tal'Mah'Ra of Taint of Madness

"The best leaders of all time, were people that others wanted to follow. A guild leader has to command the respect and understanding of the ranks behind him. The simplicity of leadership without question gives a guild the two most important advantages in combat. Speed and unity. If I say kill, someone dies. We will deal with the aftermath later. I used to test my guys by telling them to kill someone in the guild. We would all be in the middle of a conversation, everyone is relaxed and chatting away and I would suddenly say, Kill so and so. It just became an initiation right after a while. I wanted my guys get used to seeing black and white as a fact of life. One of my "sales pitches" to new guildies was: "You are gonna die, if the first fight you are in doesn't kill you, I will."

Darkwolf creator of Guildboss Software

"Oh, a good leader is one that leads by example and "inspires" his/her followers to do his/her bidding. This type of leader "commands" respect, rather than "demands" it. IOW, his/her followers act because they want to, out of loyalty and respect, rather than fear of retribution or perhaps even not acting at all!"

Hawken of Organization Drow

"A guild leader must have organization at all times. Have full confidence in the people within in his guild. A guild leader MUST be a good judge of character especially when dealing with new recruits. A guild leader must be someone who people WANT to follow. A guild leader must have respect for all members of his guild and know that without them there is no guild."
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