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Old 04-10-2008, 08:55 PM
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Id reccomend dropping the guild and rebuilding leaving the MoTD in the old guild to send you a tell for an invite to new guild.

Or looking to join up (merge) into another guild.

2 cents.
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Old 04-11-2008, 08:49 AM
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I'm in POTCO and I've left two guilds for people not showing up.

The last time the guild master and his gf hadn't shown up in over a month so after discussion with some of the members it was decided to create a new guild. Most of the people came over. Then the guild leader and his gf came back 2 days later... seemed very strange the timing of it.. but in any case we have a small guild now but a group of people that are always there and we get along better now. Some of the people came over jumped right back to the old guild when the other two showed up again but that's ok cause we are now drama-free and our friendship is better than ever.

I'm very selective as far as who I choose to be a new member as well. I try to choose wisely by picking people that are not only higher levels but ones that seem to act more mature.

And no... there are no issues between myself and the former guild leader or his gf it's just funny how some of the others are trying to create an issue out of nothing.
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Old 04-14-2008, 03:52 PM
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Originally Posted by MikesterBrau View Post
It is rather odd that some people find it much lonelier to find themselves in what they thought was a large guild and only a few players than a really small guild just starting out. You have one big thing to your advantage in that WOW is so huge and still has lots of fresh folks coming in that it might be that rebuilding is less of an uphill climb. Before approaching your guild master about taking over or even a limited transfer of power you would be best served by evaluating your own level of commitment and enthusiasm and if after that self test you feel ready to take it on and are ready for the ups and downs make your case politely and be prepared for a yes or a no.
This post is pretty dead on really.

I had a Guild in Last Chaos for the better half of last year, that bonded rather quickly. First name basis, "Say hello to the wife!" things like that. Some of us had even exchanged phone numbers, and two of my Guildies sent me a Christmas package.....we were a really tight group of older gamers. But, Last Chaos became boring for them, nothing more than a Grind fest. So they moved on (All at the same time) to Shaiya. I wasn't able to migrate with them (I run on a Laptop, and Shaiya lags me out) so I stayed in Last Chaos. After a Couple of weeks, the game was even more boring, and the constant reminder of what "Once Was" stayed with me every time I saw my Guild Manager. So I formed a new Guild, a Guild to myself, with a new Character. Since then, I have waited for them to migrate back...if they ever do, I will switch back to my main character in that Guild.

It has been said a few times here, that maybe rather than trying to "Revive" a dying Guild, that maybe you should try to establish one of your own. There was a Guild in Last Choas (on the Cariae servers) "ShinraCorp" that was one of the strongest Guilds for a LONG time. They started disbanding after some heated conversation during a Guild War. One thing about them, that one of my former members had told me, was that in ShinraCorp, they pushed you to level fast, so they could use you in Guild Wars and Castle Siege. They were trying to revive their Guild, but the word was out, and the name had lost its luster.

Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to form your own Guild, rather than try to revive a dying one. I say this, but I have only been playing WoW since yesterday (last night really, took all weekend to get it to install on my Vista system ) so I do not know what the Guild creation process is. At any rate, good luck with what ever decision you make!
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Old 04-30-2008, 06:24 AM
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dont worry man
i currently leading a guild that i have only recently build. its been hard but my advertisements are strong. here are few of my suggestions: 1, if you are willing to give up the clan then do so, build your new guild, you start by getting a site, post links in forum and so on. 1,if you would not leave then the best thin to do is to advertise. for example what i did for my advertisement was just setup my video with basic inscription of what we are and what we do. romer i hope i helped you out there if you want here is my email cjjet@hotmail.co.uk
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Old 04-30-2008, 12:16 PM
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I have been in my current guild for over 5 years after my previous guild (who I was with for 2 years) merged into the current guild. The guild itself has been going more than 10 years. I have held various positions in the guild dependiong on what games we have played.

Obviously, over such a long time you see people come and go (and frequently come back again).

What makes a guild last a long time? A clear statement and understanding of the guild values so that everyone knows what to expect and officers who support and adhere to those values. For reference, in my experience, this is also what makes for successful guilds.

What are guild values? The kind of behaviour you expect from members; attendance requirements; the kind of player you want to attract; etc.

Personally, I think a selection process is also advisable (even if it is as simple as an interview by an officer) - don't recruit people who do not fit. At best they'll just leave and, at worst, they will damage the guild.
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Old 04-30-2008, 07:02 PM
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Hmm, I must be a softy, I just make inactive people members and then after about 3 months I boot them.

In my PVP guild too many players can be a bad thing because everyone wants to gvg....so I have to keep the guild small anyway and depend on the allaince for subs if needed.

Kisss My [AXE]
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Old 05-04-2008, 01:15 AM
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dude... a great guild consists of hundreds of people, just keep getting members and get your members to get members and you wont have that problem anymore... and ask your guild leader ... for leadership... if u dont get it then start your own guild!
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