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Old 03-02-2008, 01:29 AM
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I can has epix is a WoW guild, on Uldum, we're horde and looking for more members to start running kara and to get kara-keyed, currently accepting members who are at least in outlands. Our raiding times arent 100% set yet, but i was thinking Friday-night-saturday-noon type of thing or saturday-night-sunday-noon. But those times could change, but to start we're mostly gonna be raiding on weekends, maybe eventually going on to raiding throughout the week. We are currently accepting all members and classes and such, but we do need an Off-tank, and 2 more healers, preferably a priest-shaman-paladin, for offheals, and a druid for healing the DPS. Have a website, it's at "http://icanhasepix.guildcafe.com", you can apply there or, alternatively, you can PST to Rabidonkey, or Djoakk in-game.
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