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Old 11-30-2007, 03:35 PM
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Event bug/feature
I didn't want to mess up the sticky thread with my question - when we create an event with an "any" class it appears to fill that first... is there anyway we can change the order that we wish to fill?

from the sticky
Managing Registrations
As people register for the event, they'll be recorded based on the class they play; in other words, if someone plays a "warrior" then they'll automatically be added to the warrior slots for an event.

Here is a sample event that I made public...


my ele is thrown into the "any" catagory when there is an open ele position. My intention was to have an overflow spot for people to sign up with characters not specified. Instead it appears that the "catch-all" catagory is filled first instead of last.

Also, it appears slots are created in alphabetical order - allowing us to rank our own order could make roles more apparent.

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Old 12-24-2007, 04:59 AM
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Under Construction
Doing some quick tinkering with the system I don't see an exact way around it. I've come up with a patch-up solution and I hope this works for you until you or I or some genius coder dude figures out an exact method.

Simply when you create an event make a mental note to yourself that you want one any slot AFTER all the other required class's have been filled. Then fill in the slots of the different class's.

For example...
I want an event where a maximum of 4 members will be attending. 3 are class specific but the last one is an any class open slot. So when creating my event I would create the event like I normally would by creating an open slot for each specific class spot....

1 Spot for mage.
1 Spot for Archer.
1 Spot for Warrior.

Then I would post the event with the ability for people to register as a standby. Then when it comes time to the event or all 3 class specific spots have been filled. Create that any slot and/or take the first guy who was on the standby slot and place him into the any class spot.

I hope this made sense? lol if not let me know and I'll try and make it more easier to understand.
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