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Old 07-17-2007, 09:06 PM
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BF2 Project Reality v0.6 release
Project Reality gets an update. Tons of new stuff added. You aren't playing BF2 if you are still playing Vanilla.


Some older screenshots

brits set a rally point (rally points are dropped by officer kits as settable spawn points. They are easily destroyed by enemies if they happen to find them)

The Brit team moves out

The objective (Operation ghost train map) I hate this map, its overcast and pretty dark with a lot of fog. In project reality names are turned down so you can not see them until you look at someone for a second or so.

Insurgent ambush (the insurent maps have a different ruleset for victory)

U.S. soldier setting a rally point

Next up is the full Brit army with full Tank, AFV and vehicle conversions/rules.
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