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Online Tabletop Resources/Tools
I thought that I would take the time to compile a list of some of the online resource that I use in my tabletop gaming, mainly D&D. Hopefully you will find some (or most) of these useful in your own gaming sessions.

Heroforge - http://www.nzcomputers.net/heroforge/
Heroforge 3.5/4.0 is currently an excel based character creation sheet that contains all the tools you need to quickly and easily make a character of any level. The 3.5 sheet contains support for all the published 3.5 material, which is a lot. The newer 4.0 sheet is still in the developmental stages, and they are also working on a stand-alone application character creator for 4.0 as well. You will also find many other 3.5 resources under the 3.5 files link, including monster generators and random loot generators, as well as resources for several other tabletop games.

Wizards D&D archive - http://www.wizards.com/default.asp
The Wizards site contains many new additions to the new 4.0 D&D campaign adventure. They offer frequent sneak peaks, as well as hosting back issues of their magazines, available in pdf format. Included in these magazines are new magic items, monsters, and adventures, all set and ready to go in your 4.0 edition game! Updated several times a week, this is a great resource to have if your group is playing or plans to play 4th edition D&D.

Roleplaying Tips - http://www.roleplayingtips.com/index.php
This E-zine is geared towards GM’s, but is a good resource for any player as well. Inside each issue (2-4 issues a month) you will find different articles addressing various needs and obstacles that GM’s face, and tools to help you overcome them. There is also reader submitted tips section, which has helpful hints for players and GM’s alike. This E-zine is not D&D specific, and contains useful information for any campaign. You can subscribe, or check the site every so often for new updates.

Random Generators - http://www.colugo.org/jmcmurra/generators/index.php
This website contains many different random generators to help make your campaign building easier. Generate adventure ideas, names, dungeons, caves, towns, cities, all kinds of things. These generators are not D&D specific, and contain many useful tools for any campaign.

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Good selection of links, definitely going to be checking out Heroforge 3.5 and the random generators

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