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Old 09-22-2008, 09:35 PM
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Question Help plz?
ok well i have my site all set up, well now i need to ask a few questions. First up, i am using the Onyx theme. animated headings for each "area" as I like to call it.

Well my first question is can I get more of the animated "areas" on my site, or is whats on there all i get, and can I customize them.

My second qestion kinda relates to the first one, my clan/corporation is working on getting a few partners, and well i want to add a "area" on the left side like where the navigation/ shoutbox is and have hyperlinked images to the partners. is that possible?

My next question is on the ranking system. well i seen on the forums that it says that what viewing rights can see it, well i want to make it so a specific rank can see a pacific forum. is that posible? and if so how.

My final question is a rather simple one i think, is it possible to change the navigation's page titles, like the "charter" for instance. That just sounds wierd to me. well again, is it posible? and if so how.
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Old 09-23-2008, 01:22 AM
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Hi Locleader! ty for setting up your group here =D

for your first question:
The Onyx theme will let you replace most of the images it uses... You can substitute your own images by uploading images to gamerDNA (choose "add an image" on the pull down menu at the top by your user name) then any image you upload will appear as an option for you to use in the advanced settings on themes.

look under the Manage tab, then themes, then advanced settings to change images and background colors.

for your second question:
I'm really sorry but I found I was unable to create a new box on the left side panel to place any images in with hyperlinks, only thing I can suggest for that is to just make a new page for those banners and links... name it "partners" or something and it will appear on your navigation and be another right-side content page.

for your third question:
under manage you'll need to make use of several tabs. Ranks will let you view and edit ranks and what admin permissions they have overall... members will let you promote your members to these ranks... and finally forums tab will let you edit the "access level" to make it public, member, or officer.

for your last question:
I found I was also unable to change the name of the charter page... but you can disable that one and make your own instead. Look under Manage, and then Pages tab to change what pages you are using, click to edit them and then check them as enabled or disabled.
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