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[Ragnarok Online]Zero Hour - illustrated fan fiction
Zero Hour

In october, 2006, a huge event took place at the brazilian Ragnarök Online server (bRO), called "Rune Midgard's Ruin". At this time, a group of villains, leaded by Surtr, tried to destroy all humans and take control over the kingdom. For three weeks, the players needed to fight against daily surprise invasions. The event ended with a final battle during a War of Emperium siege. Surtr and his minions invaded all the castles and conquered them, as their final insane act.

At the end of the ruin two characters became famous because of their leadership and friendship: the Lord Knight "Leafar" and the High Priestess "Bonnie Heart". In an ingame ceremony, the King Tristan III named them both "Generals of Rune Midgard".

This story happens three months later. It was originally posted at the brazilian forums, and was assumed as part of the official bRO Role Play scenario (with an event ingame that continue the events after the end).
The full story has eight chapters, and has arts from a great friend of mine. I'll try my best to translate it to english, and I would be very happy if someone can point my errors through the e-mail.

I hope you enjoy it!

- Rafa, Leafar's player


A brief introduction about the characters:

Leafar Belmont
Lord Knight, son of a member of the High Magic Council of the city of Geffen. Leafar was cloned some years ago, by his own father. His clone founded and leaded an old guild, called "Order of the Dragon". Becoming insane because of a malfunction of the cloning process, ended dead by his own guildmates. With his death, the real Leafar - a masked Priest at this time - assumed his place, even though he doesn’t know how to be a hero.

Bonnie Heart
High Priestess, native of the city of Prontera, Bonnie went to Al De Baran alone to practice. At the age of seventeen, she was already a Priestess and started to help the wounded from the War of the Emperium. After months just supporting her friends, she founded a guild called "Gullwings", and went to the war by herself. She is one of Leafar's best friends. Bonnie has a strong personality as a leader, but only with her friends she becomes her true self - a cute person.

Aislinn Cerridwen
Hunter born and raised in Payon, Aislinn was a noviceuntil the day her only brother died by the hands of the Orc Hero. From this day on, she assumed his burden with the bow and arrow, looking for justice. She met Leafar's clone, joined the Order of the Dragon guild, married him and became second in command. When the clone went insane, Aislinn gave him the final shot, killing him forever. She got shocked when the real Leafar appeared, and still doesn’t know how to react to him.

Member of the guild "Runic Warriors", Sailorcheer - or just "Sailor", to her friends - is a well known Assassin. She fights using her deadly katars and is married to her guild leader, Fei Ackhart. Different from other Assassins, Sailor likes to keep friends and people she likes close to her; it's her way to protect them. Very sincere, she says things that everyone is just thinking about.

It's said that Surtr is an avatar of the god with the same name. Odin's enemy, the High Wizard purpose was to kill the king and rule the kingdom of Rune Midgard. In a way that no one can explain yet, Surtr gathered legends from the past and the present time, and forced them fight to for him. He was defeated and killed in Prontera.

Surtr’s right arm and the strongest Mastersmith of all times. Former personal forger of the king Tristan III, he was responsible for the royal armory, until the day he discovered how to forge the divine itens - the belts Megingjard, the hammer Mjolnir and the boot Sleipnir. From this day on, Hrymm started calling himself the new Thor.

Jo Mungandr
This girl was a fanatic Crusader from the present days, fan of the legendary Naglfar - the first Paladin that served the first king Tristan in the past Glast Heim, before the destruction of the city. Jo trained hard every day of her life, saving all lives she could. Her efforts were blessed with the recognizing of the Odin's Valkyries, changing her into an Einherjar. Now as a Paladin, Jo mastered the "Grand Cross" technique, surpassing her idol. Though when Naglfar appeared alive, fighting with Surtr, Jo doubtlessly Jo went to his side.

Hrymm had only one nightmare: the Stalker known as Jestr. A legend from the city of Morroc, all the Thiefs had him as an example to follow. He was never caught. And his masterpiece was the theft of the Royal Armory. No one saw him and Hrymm only found a visit card thanking him for the great items. When Surtr began his invasion, Jestr quickly joined his army, and Hrymm had to accept him as a guild mate.

Content Table
Chapter I – What have I done?
Chapter II - The mission - coming soon
Chapter III
Chapter IV
Chapter V
Chapter VI
Chapter VII
Chapter VIII

Text: Rafael de Agostini Ferreira
Illustration: Daniel "Niori" Uires
Translation: Alexandre Buchweitz
Translation review: Márcio Bortolini

Chapter I – What have I done?

17 hours - Umbala

- Well here we are. You do know how to continue your journey, right your majesty?

- Do not speak my name out loud.

King Tristan III, ruler of Rune Midgard. Rarely was he seen outside of the castle, with the exception of some social events such as weddings. However, a certain man had convinced him to leave Prontera and to travel to the far Umbala.

- Don’t worry Tristan... can I call you Tristan? No one understands our language here.

- Alright baron.

Adjusting the hood over his head, the king looked at the tree entrance, in the north corner of the wood suspended city.

- All I have to do – said the king – is to take a chip of Yggdrasil’s root, right? And those three can help me with this?

- Exactly. Don’t let anyone see the package I gave you, not even the Queen of the Dead. And keep it safe. She would never understand the meaning of your search.

The words awakened the king’s feelings. Widow for some years, his heart deeply missed Katheryn. It was a painful death – one which a conventional Yggdrasil’s leaf could not bring back to life. But then Baron R. Ruts came from Juno. He, who called himself an alchemist in the vacant hours, swears to be close to discovering the Philosopher’s Stone of life and with it he could revive any person, dead in any circumstance or time. And if there was a chance to erase the loss of Katheryn and to hold her once more, Tristan would do it.

- I’ll be back Ruts. With the help of the three I’ll take a chip of Yggdrasil’s tree and... well, you’ll do your part.

The answer was a hand over his shoulder and a big smile from the Baron. The king adjusted his hood again, checked his sword hidden under the mantle and went inside the Carpentry which would take him to Nifleheim.


17 hours and 20 minutes - Nifleheim

The noise of old metal and rusty hinges permeated the heavy air of the city of the dead. The stone floor, wet and dirty, had pieces of broken swords and arrows. Probably the Lord of the Dead had been there recently, confronting the foolish adventurers who dare to challenge him in his house. He exchanged quick words with him and was sent to the mansion of the Queen of the Dead.

He walked quickly by a carpet-covered hallway, full of furniture. Finally he came to a room with a big white throne. In it, a beautiful woman smiled at the king when she saw him. She raised her look, moving with the head her long dark hair. She crossed her legs which were hidden under her very fine long dress that she was wearing.

- What a surprise to be visited by no one less than the King of Rune Midgard! Welcome, Tristan III – she said, doing a brief movement with her head.

- Hail, Queen of the Dead, ruler of Nifleheim – the king returned the reverence, apparently uncomfortable in the place.

- To what should I owe your rare visit? Didn’t come here to make Cursed Water, I believe.

- Not at all. Actually, I imagined that you knew the reason why I’m here.

- I don’t, my dear – a small smile was drawn in her lips – I have control over the dead that are here. When I want, I see through their eyes, listen to their minds, hear their prayers… even the ones that are not done to me. But I don’t have any domain over the living… or over the dead that went to Asgard.

- I see. Well, I need to visit three of your prisoners.

- Three? Wow... and who would they be? Very special, I imagine… after all, making you come here in person…

Sweating a little, Tristan took a paper from his pocket and approached the Queen. He gave it to her and stepped back, waiting. Her expression smiling changed to surprised. Her small eyebrows rose. Her eyes, black as the night, ignored the face down and search for the man who stood there.

- Well... This is really unexpected. They tried to kill you recently. Actually, I need to thank you, because it was that that sent them here. Very bad boys…

- Please, allow me a brief chat with them.

- Of course. You must have GREAT reasons to want to talk to them.

With a movement of her hand, the Queen of the Dead created a portal in the wall behind her. She looked at the king, interested.

- This portal will remain open for just thirty minutes. I don’t need to tell to you come back before it closes, right? Go always straight and my magic will guide you to the cell.

- I’ll return, and I thank you.

- You’re welcome, king of man.

Almost with contempt, the Queen adjusted herself in her throne. She clapped twice, and while Tristan was going away, he could notice a servant entering the room with a bottle of whine and a glass in the silver platter.

He walked for a few seconds along a dark and long corridor. The feeling was that he walked hundreds of meters until he noticed right in front of him, torches. He continued until he reached them. There were two, leaning over the bars of a single cell.

- Who’s there? – said the voice of a man, coming from the end of the dark cell where the light didn’t reach.

- King Tristan III, ruler of Rune Midgard. I demand an audience with you now.

- We don’t have time to waste with you old man. Go away – said a second voice that gave the impression of holding a laugh.

- Show yourselves, for what I have to tell you is extremely important.

- And what would make us pay attention to you, old man? – Now a female voice spoke.

The king didn’t answer. Carefully, he withdrew the package which previously earned from the Baron R. Ruts. He felt observed, and three pairs of eyes could be seen shining in the dark. They approached and finally revealed themselves: a white smith, a stalker and a paladin. Their hairs were dirty and eyes were completely empty and white.

- I’m glad to have your attention now, Hrymm, Jestr and Jô Mungandr. Now, I’d like to make a request to you.

- What do you want? – said the white smith, resting his muscular arms on the cell bars. Tristan walked a few steps back.

- A few years ago my wife Katheryne died. I can't live without her and only my responsibilities as a ruler that keeps me steady.

- Was I supposed to cry, huh? – Jestr turned his eyes bored and sat on the floor. Interested Jo Mungandr approached and stopped beside the white smith, listening carefully.

- I met a man that is capable of bringing her back to life. And, for that, I need a chip from the Yggdrasil’s tree.

At the moment she heard that, the paladin looked quickly to the stalker. The white smith looked like a statue. By the movement of his face, you could tell that he was pressing his teeth in his mouth. But he remained still, looking at the king.

- I’m a mortal and I don’t have the power to take a chip of the tree. You, however, are divine avatars. You possess the power to do that. Therefore, I ask your help for this simple mission.

- We can’t help you.

- Why not?

- We are dead, “King Tristan the Third” – Hrymm said with certain despise to his title.

- Well, there is a way.

- Which would be?

The king partially unwrapped the package he held. A small silver light was seen coming out of it.

- What I have here can help your current situation.

- Then revive us – the answer from Hrymm was quick.

- First I want to know if you are willing to help me. If you are then I’ll ask for the Queen’s authorization that you assist me.

- You don’t have to ask authorization for that. We are her servants. We can’t do anything she doesn’t want us to do. If you want to revive us and leave this place and her will is against this, she won’t allow it. We can’t defy her power.

The silence weighted for several moments. Tristan put one hand inside the package and held something. He stayed analyzing that strong and blond man’s face.

- What was her name again? – said Hrymm.

- Katheryne – said Jestr, now standing beside the white smith and also looking at the king.

- Yes, Katheryne – continued Hrymm – Don’t you want to bring your sweet wife back? It’s your chance, Tristan… your only chance…

Jô Mungandr looked down and closed her eyes. Tristan took a deep breath and slowly released the air. The king stared at the white smith who served him in the past. His hand came from underneath the cloth raising a silver Yggdrasil’s leaf. He smashed the leaf and at the same time he whispered the word “resurrect” aiming at the white smith. Something crashing in the Queen’s room was heard. She flew in high speed through the corridor.

- Tristan, you fool! What are you doing?

She badly finished talking and the smashed leaf in the king’s hand became a thin and shinning cloud. This cloud went until the body of the white smith. His eyes became colorful again. His mouth smiled.

- Nothing – said the king – I came to request them in a mission. As their soul’s keeper if it is not your will, a word will make them bow before your power and obey you.

- Fool! I told you! My powers are used against the dead, not the living!

Hrymm moved the cell’s bar as if they were wax. The first thing he did was to punch the Queen in the face. His living hand hit her sending her several meters away. Then he took the remaining two leafs of Tristan’s hands. Ignoring him he smashed them and repeated the process. The fine and bright clouds also flew to Jestr and Jo Mungandr, who received it with their eyes closed. When they opened them, they had colors.

Not wasting any time, the three ran towards the light, straight to the throne’s room. Despaired, Tristan went after them. Flying, the Queen of the Dead also followed them.

- Wait! – Shouted the king – You have to help me! Do your part!

- We are not doing anything for you, fool! I’m not your servant anymore! – Hrymm said while looking around – Jestr, find our equipments.

The stalker smiled and ran in an incredible speed. The Queen of the Dead appeared in the room, followed by the king.

- You will never leave my kingdom. I call the guardian and champion of this place, the Lord of the Dead.

The floor began to shake. Heavy and powerful steps could be heard approaching. Suddenly in the throne room, the air that came out of a horse’s nostrils left the place cooler. A mighty knight in white armor and with an abyssal shield and spear stared at the white smith and the paladin. Beside the knight a handful of wanderers with skull heads and sharp swords just waited for a command.

- Immediately attack and kill these two my guardian! – said the Queen, pointing to Hrymm and Jo.

Hrymm looked at Jo Mungandr. Unarmed he closed his fists and advanced against the knight. At the same time, the paladin also unarmed attacked the wanderers. She received their blows but didn’t seem to suffer any real damage. One by one she started to punch and knock them down. Hrymm on the other hand jumped on top of the knight’s spear and climbed his huge horse. Holding the knight’s neck with one movement of his body he pulled the knight and his mount over his body spinning him on the air making it fall on the ground behind him. The hit was so violent that the rock on the floor cracked. Not satisfied he ripped the knight of his saddle and ran with him towards the wall. He sunk the knight on the wall opening a hole to the mansion’s garden. King Tristan and the Queen both with their mouths wide open looked through the hole and saw how quick and strong were Hrymm’s hits. The wanderers were summoned near the knight in a last attempt to protect him. The paladin ran and jumped over the king and queen who looked terrified, and helped the white smith beat the white knight. In a few seconds a brief aura exploded on top of the white smith creating the symbol “MVP”, while the Lord of the Dead fell.

- Call another one – said Tristan

- I can’t. I need some time before I’m able to do that again – answered the Queen.

Tristan noticed footprints on the floor passing by them. He raised his eyes and realized that the stalker was now with the other two and carrying a curtain which was holding a few dozen of things.

Hrymm, Jestr and Jô Mungandr ran to the city towards the Kafra. They quickly advanced, with Hrymm and the paladin destroying anyone that stayed in their path, while Jestr carried the enormous wrapping. They stopped in front of the girl with black aura and shinning eyes.

- How can I help you? – she said, doing her duty and looking at Hrymm.

- Give me three Butterfly Wings.

- Here they are – all the undead Kafra did was to open her hand with the itens that came from nowhere.

Hrymm gave one to each of his friends and smiled.

- I’ve dreamed with the arrival of this day. Come on, hurry! We have a lot to do.

The three pressed their Butterfly Wings and in a light beam they disappeared. The desolate King Tristan approached, looking scared at the Kafra who ignored him. The Queen of the Dead, with apprehensive expression, looked at the king.

- They need to be stopped before they do what they want to do.

- What will they do?

- The same thing I would do in their place Tristan.

The Queen looked at the west gate. She saw the adventurers who insisted to train in her lands, facing the Bloody Murderers and Loli Ruris.

- Together they almost won the battle against the heroes of Rune Midgard. It was very close that you’ve defeated them. Much likely they want a new chance. I don’t believe these three alone can win this battle. Even with all the power that they have. But the whole Ruin of Rune Midgard would have HUGE chances of destroying you all in a second battle.

- Are you suggesting that...

- Yes. They must have gone to try to revive their guildmates. I’m afraid that they want to resurrect all the Ruin of Rune Midgard.

Tristan finally understood the consequences of what he had done, but it was too late. He heard the instructions of the Queen of the Dead carefully. That madness must be stopped as soon as possible and in the most discrete way.

Coming next: The mission
- Rafa
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Omg! the next step is making a Movie out of this story
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I'm really suspect to say sumthin but... This is amazing!

I love this story and artworks.

Hope everyone enjoy it as well!
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My Fingers are inching to post a Spoiler here....

But I'll just try to stay quiet...
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Nice story... even through it took forever to read it it was worth reading
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Yeah not bad. I loved the artwork that went with it; this is actually pretty high quality for a fan fic.

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thats sooo cool! but ddint read them just looked at the pictures xD hehe but COOL!!!
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Cool.... nice!!!
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Sorry about the delay with the second chapter. I don't have a very good english, and I'm still waiting my friends to finish the translation!

Thanks for the comments! I hope you enjoy the next chapters!

- Rafa
- Rafa
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