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Old 11-02-2007, 05:08 AM
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I like your idea of having a "recruit" or "new" member slot when someone is first invited. I don't think it would make anyone feel weird because obviously that person is brand new and most guilds who are established and have good reputations and long-standing members have a code of conduct which *usually* involves a "trial" period for any new member. Having this "tag" (so to speak) in the guild roster would probably motivate someone new to have something to achieve....that is, becoming a full-fledged "member". But I don't think the developers should put the time constraint on the "tag" - I think, just like with promoting officers - the guild leader should be the one to "promote" the new recruit to member status after the guild's already-established trial period.
Good idea....I am sure there are many "pros and cons" to kick around with such an idea and doubt it would ever get implemented but it is food for thought.
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Old 11-04-2007, 04:50 AM
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Creating a guild isn't for everyone, its hard, detailed, and not
truly glorifying work. In a functioning guild I firmly believe the
setup of a functioning, viable democratic code of conduct is
incredibly difficult at best, leading to a more simplified option
as the current standard is. This standard is also preset when
you create a guild and creating a variant cannot be done
currently because of game structure in its allowances for

I am talking about communism, where everyone is equal except
the leader. The leader sets the rules and ultimately controls
the guild for better or worse weather or not you agree to
have a democratic relationship. Simplicity has its virtues, meaning
you can gain your goals and direction with greater ease
than the persistent bickering of "everyone has a opinion".
I merely suggest this as Arena Net already has decided and
I feel strongly it is best kept that way.

Ultimately its up to you, the leader how you choose to run the
guild and there is a variety of tactics, the majority fruitless.
As long as you can motivate, direct, stimulate, and manage
those who revoke all accords then handling any guild is easy.
But not for the weak of mind or heart. In other words, its
not for those who believe they can just wing it without study
and a large amount of dedication.
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