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Old 08-13-2007, 07:16 PM
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Interesting ideas Meynolt. I would love to see the guilds of tommorrow have better ways of customizing and specializing. SWG had some interesting toold for specializing, though I don't think many took advantage of them. SWG quickly became a "He who has the larger guild wins" with no thought of specialization. Now, thats not to say there wasn't specialized ones, they were just outnumbered by the general, mega guilds. EQ2 also has some great customization and management tools, though again, not many take advantage of them.

What kind of tools do you think are needed to manage a guild? I saw some generalized ideas you had but nothing really specific. One idea personally I would like to see more of is the creation of an "Alliance" of guilds that work together towards common goals. Forming Alliances would garner bonuses or other specializations.

One thing that carefully needs to be balanced is the minimizations of the Solo player. Giving too many bonuses will eliminate the need or role of the this character type and games could be nothing more than true "Guild Wars".

I think with guild tools, generic game options also need to be tweaked. The idea of having multiple personas on one server need to be removed. This will eliminate or limit at least the guilds of 6 main w/ 30 alts in tow. Players need to depend and rely on OTHER PLAYERS, not their characters in a game. Instead we see games now where if you don't have something you need or can't acquire you can "Switch to your alt" to get it. But thats another topics all together.......

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Old 08-14-2007, 02:29 PM
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Great thoughts everyone and on a very important topic. The thing that truly sets MMO's apart is the social aspect of them and the requirement for coordinating groups of people worldwide to accomplish a specific goal.

As a guild leader coming from Dark Age of Camelot into World of Warcraft I have been thoroughly let down. Dark Age had many systems in place, some even subtle, that allowed guild leadership to craft a guild structure with varying levels of control, custom ranks, and custom permissions. This spilled over into the a larger concept of guild alliances, and even further into the realm concept as a whole. There truly was a sense of community and common goal. The game was structured in such a way that there was an appropriate incentive for cooperation amongst players, their guilds, their alliance, and the realm as a whole, such as defending against a relic attack from an enemy realm.

I recall numerous times being involved in a PvE situation and getting a CTA (Call to Arms). Though we may have griped a bit about timing, generally, we'd stop what we were doing and head out into the frontier to stave off an encroaching enemy.

This "community-building" aspect of DAoC was magic, in my opinion and largely accounts for the game's success. It was akin to the loyalty a person has for their highschool/college sports team. Sure, such a tight community wasn't without its occasional drama, but great leaders emerged as well who were respected server-wide.

Where is that in WoW? Blizzard really dropped the ball in this regard. There's little loyalty amongst guilds, and few who are willing to do more that what will provide them with immediate satisfaction. Granted, the player base/demographic is different, but improvements could be made.

Frankly, the number one reason I look forward to Warhammer Online is because I know Mythic knows the value of community in a game from the individual player to the realm/faction-level. Future games would do well to take notes....

Golyn, Harbingers of Light
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Old 08-14-2007, 11:44 PM
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Actually I played SWG from about a month after release (Not including my beta time) till the NGE and I still pop in on occasion. SWG had no true management tools. They were VERY limited and over simplified. Any good guild in SWG had to basically spell out the structure of the guild in "guild-Spam" mailings or on a guild website. You are 100% correct though on the 'Biggest Guild" rules aspect. Other than capping numbers on Guild's, with the systems they had in place there wasn't alot that could be done about it.

Overall, I think there is difference between guild management tools (Rostering, promoting/demotoing, kicking, recruiting, etc.) and having in place systems for specialization. Obviously a game engine would have to allow for this. I am keeping it as simple as possible here, because otherwise I would type you a book on my idea for a true "Sandbox" type of MMO LOL.

basically speaking the if the player is the cornerstone of an MMO then a guild would be an MMO's foundation. I have watched MMO's evolve over the past ten years and I have to say, they evolve MOSTLy in thier eye candy. There hasn't been much in the way of improving use of guilds. And guilds have been around as far as I can remember since the first days of UO if not before. I truly believe a game created that has an engine developed to utilize the power of the community (i.e. guilds) would be highly successful. MOST guilds have pretty common goals. So specialize them, or make an option to specialize or remain a general guild. have bennies for specializing as well as penalties ( I am a big risk vs. reward guy in MMO's, this current trend of everybody wins irks the piss out of me). That huge group of Dwarven fighters, make em' a mercenary guild that other guilds could hire...to say guard a base, or help raid a castle. That guild of merchants, turn them into a corporation that receives crafting bonuses and so on. I think you get the point.

maybe I'll hop on my blog one of these day and get into some serious detail.
Tom of WOLF
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