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I liked it anyway. :P

I looked up the song, and it's called Into The West.


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Very nice. I know exactly what the creator of this was feeling. My advice to those of you with good guilds and friends is make notes and take screenies. Put them somewhere safe cause a few years from now, they will be precious.

For those who like to read. Here is the story of what it was like to be in Esis, the name Section One started out with. I reread this every once in awhile as it is very much capture my feeling at the time and I can relive them a bit. I can't vouch for how a good a read it is for those who were not there.

Unaltered and unedited from the original:

Today, Roxianna and many others will swear to Shady Acres and the retirement of Esis as a guild on AC2 will be complete.

Before we go I wanted to share with all of you what that organization has meant to us. We maintain a private message board where we have all expressed our feelings about the guild and each other, so we all know, but outside the guild we have said little about our ways and nothing about how is was to be us—the hated and the feared—Esis.


I am going to try and share it with all of you by telling my own story:

In real life, I once had the experience of being caught at sea in a small craft in a gale. There were four of us aboard that day as our boat rode up and down swells that seemed as high as the mast. Forget maintaining a course, all we could do was follow the storm bare poles and hang on tight. Going overboard would have meant certain very real death. Battering waves broke the valve between the holding tank from the head to the ocean, and we began taking on water, we had six inches of ****ty water sloshing around cabin—ominous and disgusting. We each took half hour watches piloting the boat. I remember being so frightened that tears streamed down my face fouling my vision, but I my steering never faltered. I took my turns grimly, the terrible responsibility of keeping us all alive weighing on me. We all did. Well we lived and forever I will have special bond with the members of that crew. For only we four remember how we overcame tremendous adversity with aplomb, together. That is what it was like to be Esis.

Long story
I came to Coldeve originally to play with my real life husband Tarinth. He just was not interested in carebear playing. KvK sounded interesting though, so I thought I would give the PvP thing a try. T wasn’t in the game much longer than a few minutes before he started trying to kill people, and by the time we were level 10 we were already “Kill on Sight” (KOS) to every dominion guild that existed at that time—and I had never even taken a shot at anyone other than self defense! It was guilt by association, only fair I suppose, I am married to the guy.

The game was a bit different back then; more lower-level players (actual newbs even), very few people over level 40, perches, jump healing etc., but being KOS was a real pain. Sometimes we, the Tarinth monarchy of two, could not travel at all, I had to open a third account and create a network of portal mules just to get us around.

T and I had made it into our mid 30’s when came that fateful weekend that Dominion declared a KvK event, I forget what they called it, but I spent most of the weekend looking at my Lifestone (LS). I just had no idea how to fight back—T would get so mad at me. That evening towards the end of the event he came across a small group of Shadows who were fighting back. It was Golem Executor and Caith (Cait in SWG), both original Esis crew. They impressed T with their indomitable spirit.
Soon after, T contacted Esis and learned the three basic rules, KOS to all, no swearing and no whining. Seemed fine to me, I was already pretty KOS, I don’t swear (I prefer a sesquipedalian approach) and no whining…well I would whine a lot actually, but privately in RL to T.

Back then the guild was tiny. I remember Ebilwon, Ladianna, Ammon-Ra, Bas, Kayara, Ajax, Asuna, Caith, Golem Executor, and of course that little bald guy Esis. The average level of guild members was around 42 at that time, and most of them were into RPK. Someone would say, “I need to kill someone” or “Lets go ganking.” A group would be formed, a portal opened and off they’d all go… only to return to the LS with a splat soon after. I rarely went with the group back then. I had yet to ever attempt to kill anyone, my main function as a ranger back then was to provide run buffs and be an alternative target. I’d stay at the HQ LS and zerg shreth with whoever was there.

How our LS turned into HQ, I don’t know. It was never decided, just at some point we started calling it that. We moved all our mules there and it was home. It was a place where we could level undisturbed, until Ashley stumbled upon us one day. Even she didn’t fully realize how entrenched we were at that spot, until she joined us there one day as a Shadow. I remember her hunting Shreth with Esis. I think she charmed our secrets out of him that day. The next day, it seemed everyone knew where the Esis Guild could be found. Thus began the period of history that made the guild special for some and broke it for others.

The first time the LS was attacked, we were incredulous. I remember saying in allegiance chat, “What are these red dots doing at our LS?” I was staring at said LS moments later. I fought back, I was a ranger, I died. I called for “all hands” on allegiance chat, the guild recalled. We fought, we zerged, we beat them back. Within a day, attacks on the LS became regular events multiple times a day. Dominion and Order united as one to punish us for the audacity we had not to play by their rules.

On the VN boards we were getting slammed for zerging, but to us, this was the meaningful PvP everybody was always pining for. This LS was our home. We had nowhere else to go. We would defend it to the death, over and over again. Our PK ratings plummeted into the 100s. We lived and fought with 60 vitae as a matter of course. We contemplated moving our HQ to another LS, we whined to each other about what a drag it was on our private message boards—and then we learned to fight as a group.

We discussed tactics and strategy constantly among ourselves, these included MAMBA, a still secret maneuver we use to take on overwhelming numbers. We committed to making sure the group always had the best buffs and to always having plenty healers on hand for battles and vitae. Bas untrained tactician at level 50 to become a sage, a Herculean effort that benefited the whole group. T and I took turns leveling a vitae healer. I untrained ranger and became a defender.

More people began to join us. Creasha, Maraculus (he who owns Sanc and always will), Jmaan, Howlz, Rone, Quix, Drews Scytalle and Pincer, Inc. with his entire cadre. All these people came bringing their skills and dedication. Defending the LS constantly gave us more PvP experience than probably anyone in the game and it paid off well. We actually became a coordinated fighting unit.

Sometime in this mayhem I learned to fight. I had to make several changes to accomplish this, the first and hardest was to stop using the mouse. Second, I learned that whoever takes the first damage in a fight is prolly going to lose—I trained myself to shoot first. We stopped complaining about the LS getting attacked, because we started to like it.
The tide began to turn and soon, attacking us at our LS became a losing proposition. Once again, we could begin our ganking forays, and it was fun.
We were soon joined by Dedrick, Goat, Bhal, Taeghas, Mud, Flatlinez, Shaft and Ballz (LOL)

We kept getting better and better successfully fighting bigger and bigger groups. We were at our pinnacle. I remember well the night of our zenith, because we took the time to have our melee fighters buff their armor. We owned! The whole server all night and we know it because the next day there was a massive outcry that we had cheated!

We knew when that cheating thing started that we had won. Basically everything after that was anticlimactic, we knew it would be. There is no place to go after total victory.

Quickly real life reasserted itself, some people left because of their obligations there. Others frustrated with the game’s shortcoming began to play less. Our LS became home to Van, a wishy washy group we despise, but can’t kill because they are pink. The skills reset. The nerfs. All these have taken a toll. Almost all the core group has reached level 50 and we are more than a tad bored. The final blow to AC2 came when Shadowbane turned out to be better than expected. Almost all the entire guild has moved there.

Under a new name, probably Malice, we will seek to dominate the Chaos server now--woe to those that oppose us. For only we remember how we overcame tremendous adversity in AC2 with aplomb, together. That is what it is like be us.
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