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Old 05-22-2007, 05:02 AM
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DKP tracking question
I am part of an active raiding guild in World of Warcraft. A member stumbled on GuildCafe and suggested the GM check it out.

Does this site have a DKP tracking option or a way to add a DKP tracker? Something like EQDKP?

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Old 05-22-2007, 12:55 PM
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In answer to your question, no we do not currently have a DKP tracker.

Now I have a couple questions for you:

DKP used to be needed for any serious WoW raiding guild. Since BC however many guilds have fallen apart and smaller guilds reformed. Is DKP still as necessary as in the past?

For most guilds, DKP is an end game thing. We thought guilds might be better served by a more flexible system that allowed people to start building DPK and contributing to the guild at lower levels.

Here is how I thought such a system would work. What do you think?
  1. A guild bank/store would open as a blank depository waiting for people to put items in.
  2. The guild leader (person who’s GuildCafe account owns the web presence) assigns banking admin rights to one of your ranks. We'll call members with this set of rights "Bank Manager."
  3. The guild leader can assign someone as Dragon Knight Point (DKP) Czar. The DKP Czar has supreme power over DKP and the bank/store (this is for cases where the actual guild leader is not the owner of the Web presence on GuildCafe).
  4. You would be able to assign the ability to deposit, withdraw and purchase items to a rank. We'll just call these folks members.
  5. Members start out with zero DKP.
  6. There will be a choice of settings for earning DKP via the bank/store
    1. Members can earn DKP when deposits are accepted by the Bank Manager
    2. OR Member earn DKP when delivery is verified by a Bank Manager
    3. Question: is DKP accrued by an account or by a character?
  7. A DKP Czar can make special debits and credits to a member’s DKP
    1. Rewards to players for raid attendance
    2. Penalties for lateness, no shows, wipes, AFKs, rage quitting and other poor raid behavior as defined by your guild’s own policies.
    3. Rewards to players for exceptional service to the guild
    4. Prizes for contests
  8. Members deposit items by filling out a tiny form similar to the one on the Scores and Profiles tab on your personal page. They would type in the name of the item and quantity then click "Deposit." (Assumption: items deposited as a group stay in a group and are sold as a stack)
    1. The member is asked to confirm their deposit of X number of X item(s) and asked to click okay. When they click okay a few things happen:
      1. A notification email* with details is sent to the Bank Manager to let them know there has been a deposit
      2. A deposit alert is posted to the Bank Managers Personal page if there is not already one.
      3. The item goes on the member’s Items Recently Deposited List
  9. Members wishing to view their accounts would see a list of items separated as follows:
    1. Available DKP
    2. Escrowed DKP
    3. Items Recently Deposited (pending acceptance)
    4. Items On Deposit (accepted) and their potential DKP value
      1. Total potential DKP value of items On Deposit
    5. Items Returned (rejected)
    6. Sold (escrowed items that need to be shipped)
      1. Name of Member and character name of recipient
    7. Bought (items purchased not yet received—still in escrow)
    8. Wishlist (items the member wishes were on deposit but are not)
  10. Newly deposited items would be reviewed by the Bank Manager as a list of recent deposits.
    1. The Bank Manager would assign a DKP value for items that were new to the bank/store.
    2. Adjust the DKP value of all items of a certain type depending on supply and demand
    3. The Bank Manager would accept or reject the deposit.
    4. Notification is sent by email*
  11. Once an item or stack of items has been accepted by the Bank Manager, it may be viewed by members as of current bank/store inventory with a couple of options:
    1. View all items
    2. View only items the member can afford to buy based on how much available DKP they have
    3. Search for item by name
  12. If a member wishes to buy an item, they simply click on a "Buy" button next to the item. This sets a series of actions into action
    1. The system checks to see if the member has enough DKP to buy the item
      1. If the member does not have enough DKP, they get an “sorry” message.
      2. If the member has enough DKP to purchase the item, they are given an option to confirm that they want to” spend X DKP to buy X” by clicking okay.
    2. Once the member confirms the purchase, the DKP is subtracted from their available DKP and deposited in escrow.
    3. Similarly the item is removed from inventory and placed in escrow.
    4. Notification is sent by email* to the buyer and seller
  13. When the seller ships the product he should notify the Bank Manager
  14. When the buyer receives the product he should notify the Bank Manager.
  15. When the Bank Manager is reasonably certain the transaction is complete, he or she can release the items and DKP from escrow. If the transaction fails he can return the DKP to buyer and remove the item from inventory. There can be a DKP penalty applied here ffor non-delivered items at the Bank Manager’s discretion.
* The member must allow GuildCafe admin mail as settable in their account profile. GuildCafe can’t guarantee that email reaches it destination however.
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Old 05-23-2007, 03:32 AM
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Thank you for your reply Roxianna.

DKP is a very necessary tool in World of Warcraft still.

I have played multiple MMO's and while i can think of a few games where the system above would be a god send. Such as Shadowbane or a game where ingame items were tradeable but in a game like WOW were items are tied to the party who killed the mob and then are bound when picked up this would not work.

The benefits of a system like EQdkp is it keeps an easily accessible spread sheet that can be used on the fly during a raid. DKP totals are easily adjusted after a raids completion by accessing one site and adding an event. Where the system stated above is far to complex and interactive for what is needed.

In WOW the most common ways DKP are used are through an ingame bidding or by highest DKP holder is awarded the item. DKP earned and prices for an item also vary drastically from guild to guild. So a system with more flexibility would be needed for a game such as WOW.

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Old 05-24-2007, 04:00 AM
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Having never played WoW, I'm just going *uh huh, uh huh* through most of this, and have no idea why it wouldn't work, but okay!

Honestly, I think more than one sort of points system would be necessary in order for members of all games (or even the top most common ones) would be happy.

I think the above method is way too complicated for it to be realistically implemented for GuildWars, but I would like to see something similar if that's possible. Something along the lines of, those who attend an event can be awarded Participation Points, and those Participation Points can be used like a currency for an auction which the "Bank Manager" could post.

The Bank Manager could be in charge of collecting items in game, and then posting the item's Stats (such as Req. 9 Platinum Longbow, 15^50) and then the members could bid on the item using their Participation Points. The member bidding the most points would have those points subtracted from their total, and the Bank Manager would give the player the item they'd won in-game.

idk, your way just sounds too complicated to be useful for GuildWars, but I think it'd be great if we had a way to award Participation too.
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