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Old 04-02-2007, 01:43 AM
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Thumbs up clan looking for css,cod2,bf2,bf2142 players
Nation wide baby
tactical operations Elite (T.O.E) is a 2 year old national clan, with two 64 slot US ranked server playing BF2 and BF2142 a 64 slot COD2 server,ccs server along with Joint operations TR with an unusual age range of teens to mid 50's, (students to company directors). We play for fun but we like to win - LOL.
We have over 40 reliable members who come from all over the US and abroad and are average to good to very good players, plus a bunch of guys who just play when they can.
We are not hyper competitive, but some of our members have played for their national teams, and in various cups, etc, so we can kick *** when required.

Other clans seem to like us, so we can't be all bad.

We play both simple fun wars with friendly clans and more serious wars in a competitive BF2 and BF2142 game. We also foster close ties with several other clans, one of which we train with. We are a multi-gaming clan and we will expand into other games, as and when something grabs our interest.

At the moment we play mainly BF2, BF2142 COD2, CCS and Joint Operations TR but, we plan to give a few others a very close look in the new year.

We need new members to play all games..

We train one night a week, or when we can, and fight wars on multiple days during the week but, most of our members are online and playing every night of the week. We use Teamspeak2 RC as our method of comms so; someone is always around to chat to even if you want to play a different game.

Still unsure about joining a clan?
Try it and see, you are more than welcome. You can just turn up and play in Public, or you can take a much more active part in the clan. All we ask is that you be able to speak English, be half sane and have a sense of humour.

So is there anyone out there looking for a home, and who is half sane?

Well in that case click here www.tacticaloperationselite.com

Our application form is in our forum section of our home page, so just click on where it says “Join”. or click http://www.tacticaloperationselite.com/plugins/forum/forum_viewforum.php?8 and follow the instructions.

Please visit our Teamspeak at Please stop by our Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising servers, Ranked Battlefield 2 and Ranked Battlefield 2142 servers. The BF2 Server IP is and the 2142 server IP is or visit our website www.tacticaloperationselite.com

Feel free to PM me with any questions at all.

Xfire toebullet

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