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Post Realm of Kirdain
Realm of Kirdain is a clan formed in anticipation of the release of Darkfall Online and we are currently playing World of Warcraft while we wait.

We offer the following for new recruits and those who seek to advance:
1. Friendly Atmosphere of dedicated players of all Ages, of all origins. We welcome all and are willing to aid anyone that needs assistance.
- All Guilds Say this, but we mean it! We want you to enjoy the game and enjoy the people your around. With this said, all ages are welcomed and this means we will keep things as clean as possible, however we will not be stricked on enforcing some issues when certain age groups are together. We want to be the guild where you feel comfortable joining in conversations and not out of place. We welcome Familys and non-familys to participate with us!

2. We use Teamspeak to communicate amongst each other then using in game chat. We are big on teamwork and cooperation.
- With the above said, we will be using a Voice program to communicate with each other, and this means you'll be closer to those involved in our Realm.

3. We offer an Organized Military Structure, and also a Structure for those who are not Military minded. Both Types are welcome!
- Organization is Key! We would like be the ones to say we have developed the best system for ourselves and you as the individuals but we'll let you decide that for yourself! For you battle hardened types out there we offer you the room to grow within our guild through the Army, while we still offer growth and the ability to increase your fame in our Realm by the means of Crafting and Aidding the realm in more peaciful manner. We welcome both types!

4. We are a peaceful Realm, but we will be able to defend ourselfs when the need arises.
- We do not seek to dystroy and claim our fame that way, instead we seek a more peaciful path. But dont under-estimate us because of this. We will be able to stand against other more evil aligned armys by our unique training regiment and times. We will be prepared!

5. Unique Guild's for Crafters, Magic Users, ect., Revolutionary and Evolving every day!
- Our Guild system will be revolutionary in comparison to many others out there. We offer the ability to hone your skills with other players with like minded ideas and gifts. The ability to work together in such a community will further your characters growth and increase there awareness. Become the best, and join one of our various Crafter Guilds.

6. We have a Rank hierachy in place that promotes growth and responsibility to our members giving them a sense of being more involved in the Dark Fall Community.
- Our special ranking hierachy will promote growth and get you as a member more involved with us and the community as a whole. We want you to feel apart of Dark Fall and by doing so we will do all we can to promote the idea that your climbing a Ranking Ladder that would suit the world we want to create for you and ourselves.

We offer much more, to see what we are about go to our website www.realmofkirdain.com

The Realm of Kirdain is a newly formed guild built from the remnants of Durance Of Fate. We come from the world of Guild Wars where we were a very successful guild. The Realm of Kirdain brings with it the family friendly environment and feeling of fellowship between members that it had from Durance Of Fate. Kirdain was founded on May 17, 2006 by Korgy and Thor in the pre-Beta stage of DarkFall.

The website is located at www.realmofkirdain.com.

All of the information regarding our charters and codes of conducts can be found on the the forums.
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