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Old 11-28-2013, 02:26 AM
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Summoner balance in FFXIV
Hi everyone just thought I'd start this thread as I haven't heard anyone talk about it, but I've come across some times where SMN are really at a disadvantage.

Specifically in Qarn and AV, parties with two summoners are going to struggle.

In Qarn we don't have and instant damage to take down adds in final fight, even if both SMN are well geared it can be an issue taking them down; as our Ruin I isn't all that great even buffed with raging strikes if you have it. Need Ruin I to be stronger or access to Ruin II, know we have Fester but with only 2 stacks of Aetherflow this isn't enough.

AV we suffer a similar problem, our aoe attacks are to weak to destroy fruits and if you single target them you won't get them down in time. Really need access to Shadow Flare or Enkindle for this fight.

I know this is only a problem specifically for groups with two SMN and some players may still be able to get through these dungeons fine, but I know myself and others have trouble with it.

More information about ffxiv patch 2.1 news please focus us!
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